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  1. Please focus on Sandstone and on the YUI -> jQuery migration. Those are the last two features wanted for 6.0. Other massive, invasive and/or risky changes should wait for 6.2 to not delay 6.0 again (a.k.a. do not replay the 5.0 scenario). (LpSolit)
    1. dylan going to review sandstone real soon
    2. dylan/dkl been removing YUI when possible and will push upstream
    3. bug modal for 6.2
  2. Status of BMO merging
    1. most blockers fixed, one waiting on review. Just need to set a date to do the changeover.
  3. Current release status
    1. 5.1.1, 5.0.3 and 4.4.12 went out last week. Once sandstone and jquery changes land we can release 6.0rc1
  4. bugs.bugzilla.org (if Denis present)
    1. no status update at this time
  5. War on Scalar Grep Status (dylan)
  6. Performance Wins are abundant (dylan)
  7. ad-lib-ing Bugzilla (dylan)