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Appoint note taker and get them editing the Etherpad

  • Justdave

Current release status (Dylan)

  • release notes is biggest blocker
    • If we can make commit messages more descriptive we may be able to generate some of the release notes from the commit messages
  • aiming towards pre-6.0 development release
  • wanting to release more frequently

Current release-critical challenges (Dylan)

  • A couple Windows-related bugs related to installation
  • small smattering of other bugs outstanding, not much major

BMO/trunk merge status (Dylan)

  • largest set of changes is in the authentication stack
  • not merging the entire thing at once, but there will be a shrinking number of differences as we go along.
  • Stuff coming up from BMO to upstream:
    • Editing comments is on short list to move to core.
    • Handling bounced email - BMO bounces 19 million emails per month, working on an API to tell Bugzilla that someone's email is bouncing so it can be disabled.
    • REST API
    • Markdown support

Google SoC?

  • May be doing Outreachy instead because for the kinds of projects we have, we seem to get better candidates from there.

Any other business

  • there is an updated diff-view patch from RedHat, looks very nice