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  • Appoint note taker and get them editing the Etherpad
    • justdave
  • Current release status (Dylan)
    • No huge update on this, had a person interested in what was involved in the release process who may help with release notes.
    • 5.0.4 and 5.1.1 releases coming soon.
  • Current release-critical challenges (Dylan)
    • getting release note written. dkl is busy, but he can probably do a release if the release notes are done for him.
  • BMO/trunk merge status (Dylan)
    • Should remove this from future agendas, it's overly simplified.
    • We need to cherry-pick stuff from bmo to port upstream and try to get as much as we can so they're less disparate from each other, but trying to do it all at once isn't really feasible.
  • disposition of project hardware in Mozilla's Santa Clara datacenter (justdave)
    • Three hardware machines in SCL3 that will need to be migrated to VMs. We have other VMs hosted in KVM that need to move to ESX.
  • Any other business
    • Dylan did a Demo of Bugzilla development in the Cloud9 online development environment