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  • Appoint note taker and get them editing the Etherpad
    • justdave
  • Switching this meeting from 4th Wed to 3rd Wed of the month (gerv)
    • 1st Wednesday rather than 3rd, now approved, this will start in June, next meeting is June 7th.
  • Current release status (gerv)
    • Dylan says a release coming really soon
  • Current release-critical challenges
    • how to update the updates file is missing from the release notes documentation
      • Currently hosted on a VM which exists just for that purpose. justdave can grant access if someone needs it.
      • should probably move this file to github and CNAME the domain name there.
    • can we make the bot on irc watch the website repo as well as the code repo?
      • justdave will see if he can make this happen
    • bugzilla.org website appears to not be updating from git anymore
      • justdave will followup with webops to make sure it gets fixed.
  • What's happened to the meeting notes from previous months?
    • updated as of this afternoon
  • Any other business
    • none.