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Dylan's plan for redirecting development

  • Would like to merge RedHat's new changes into upstream and then call that the next Bugzilla version
  • Gerv points out that Bugzilla's place in the world has changed: People who need simple bug tracking don't install Bugzilla, they just use GitHub or similar. This means Bugzilla's audience is now people who need features they can't get from GitHub and we don't need to cater to entry-level bug tracking anymore. We have a migration path available from Github into Bugzilla for when people outgrow Github.
  • Gerv is envisioning a system where RedHat and Mozilla are both committing to upstream first because we have a mechanism built in to automatically merge their customizations every time you run a build, so they would only check into their own repos for their site customizations.
  • Schemas need merging (5.0 and bmo)
  • Fix or disable extensions
  • Merge in any code from master branch
  • Make it possible to upgrade from 5.1?
  • Need to summarize the changes between current master and bmo/brc before we do the merge or branch replacement so that people can work on porting anything important that might be lost.

Current release status

  • blocked on release notes