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  • Current release status
    • We need to do a security release soon (but this will be in the "old world")
    • Dylan hopes to get some help from dkl one more time...
  • Dylan's plan for redirecting development
    • Dylan to post plan after the meeting, with unknowns if necessary
    • This will enable us to plan how we might do our next major release and what it might look like
  • Getting rid of Landfill - and perhaps all our infra?
    • Still the plan
    • Useful services to preserve:
      • updates.bugzilla.org (S3 bucket fronted with Cloudfront so we get web stats still?)
      • Bots
      • Mailing lists (developers@ and security@)
      • Email addresses
    • Tell Mozilla about services we want to keep; can everything else (justdave)
    • Need to stop landfill being the jumphost and firewall if we want to get rid of it, or get rid of vlan
    • Need to lock down machines more if no vlan firewall
    • http://landfill.bugzilla.org/ to main website, or perhaps special landing page
  • Porting website to Jekyll?
    • Website updates now work again, but trunk API docs are still broken (i.e. back where we were)
    • Agreed to port to Jekyll; if there's stuff which no longer works, we'll deal with that when we hit it (Gerv)
    • Wordpress: if someone wants to get this working and can get it working first, great. Otherwise, Jekyll.
  • Trunk internal APIs link still broken - how can we get a newer Perl on that box without upgrading the OS?
    • The admin server for Mozilla's generic web cluster is currently doing the building
    • See about building the docs in CI (Taskcluster) and then exporting them somewhere useful (Dylan)
  • Any other business