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  • Appoint note taker and get them editing the Etherpad
    • justdave
  • Gerv announced he will be stepping down as an assistant project leader.
  • Dylan's plan for redirecting development
    • Need dumps of 4.2, 5.0 and master, add test cases to upgrade those to harmony branch.
    • Once those tests are in place we can start cherry-picking stuff from master that wasn't in harmony yet to start porting them in.
    • Github repo for harmony is now set up to require pull requests in order to enforce reviews.
    • Dylan will file a bug about getting this done after the meeting. bug 1427884
  • As Gerv pointed out, we need better communication. There's been a good amount of information flowing on Twitter and on the #bugzilla IRC channel, but need to make sure that information is making it to the mailing list and Facebook page and the website/wiki and our other communication channels.
  • Switching www.bugzilla.org over to the new Markdown version on Github (hoping to use technique from (secret) bug 1409786)
    • Another Mozilla-sponsored site in the same situation as us has a plan to us an AWS host to front their github site for SSL, and that is in progress and progressing. Our current plan is to duplicate their setup once they get it working.
  • Any other business
    • None