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(video recording of this meeting)

  1. Appoint note taker and get them editing the Etherpad
    • justdave
  2. Attendence on call: justdave (nobody else)
  3. Dylan's plan for redirecting development
    • Several bugs were filed after last meeting.
    • We have datasets to test against for upgrading from the 4.2 and 5.0 schemas to the Harmony Branch, those tests are still being written.
    • Some progress is being made.
  4. Switching www.bugzilla.org over to the new Markdown version on Github (hoping to use technique from (secret) bug 1409786)
    • We got clearance from the Mozilla Foundation to change the root servers to point at Cloudflare, which lets us use their freebie option again. The setup we already did expired because we didn't enable it soon enough, so we need to start over. It won't take long to set up, justdave will hopefully have it done by this weekend.
  5. Any other business
    • Security release coming soon.