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  • Updates from Dylan
    • Getting Bugzilla running in Mojoliious
      • about 1000 lines added
      • most tests passing
    • Harmony branch
      • database upgrade had a chicken and egg problem with database schema
      • upgrade code now looks at what's in the database for columns instead of trusting the schema version number to work around that.
      • Mojolicious port needs stress testing, if anyone wants to run it, it'll be in the harmony branch as soon as tests pass on bmo.
      • Lots of new UX stuff, see recent tweets on https://twitter.com/BugzillaUX for details
      • No longer recommended to run it under Apache, but you can still do it if you really want to.
  • Updates from Dave
    • No update yet, still waiting on the Foundation to secure us our new hosting
  • Next meeting is scheduled for August 1st.