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Parameter        Panel
announcehtml  	Required Settings
cookiedomain 	Required Settings (removed)
cookiepath 	Required Settings (removed, based on urlbase)
docs_urlbase 	Required Settings (removed, and look if docs/html/index.html exists,
                                   else point to bugzilla.org)
maintainer 	Required Settings (kept, but should be set to the first admin by default)
proxy_url 	Required Settings (get it from libwww?)
shutdownhtml 	Required Settings
ssl 	        Required Settings
sslbase 	Required Settings (removed, use HTTPS + urlbase)
timezone 	Required Settings (removed, use the server timezone)
upgrade_notification    Required Settings
urlbase 	Required Settings (kept, but should be set to the first URL used
                                   to access the installation)
utf8 	        Required Settings (remove it for 4.0?)
allowbugdeletion 	Administrative Policies
allowemailchange 	Administrative Policies (removed, always set to 1)
allowuserdeletion 	Administrative Policies
supportwatchers 	Administrative Policies (removed, always set to 1)
auth_env_email 	        User Authentication
auth_env_id 	        User Authentication
auth_env_realname 	User Authentication
createemailregexp 	User Authentication
emailregexp 	        User Authentication (replace it by a list of valid domains?)
emailregexpdesc 	User Authentication
emailsuffix 	        User Authentication
loginnetmask 	        User Authentication (removed, always set to 0)
rememberlogin 	        User Authentication
requirelogin 	        User Authentication
user_info_class 	User Authentication
user_verify_class 	User Authentication
allow_attach_url 	Attachments
allow_attachment_deletion 	Attachments
convert_uncompressed_images 	Attachments
maxattachmentsize 	Attachments
maxlocalattachment 	Attachments
maxpatchsize 	        Attachments (removed, use maxattachmentsize)
commentonchange_resolution 	Bug Change Policies
commentonclearresolution 	Bug Change Policies (removed, always set to 0)
commentonduplicate 	        Bug Change Policies
commentonreassignbycomponent 	Bug Change Policies (removed, always set to 0)
duplicate_or_move_bug_status 	Bug Change Policies
letsubmitterchoosemilestone 	Bug Change Policies
letsubmitterchoosepriority 	Bug Change Policies
musthavemilestoneonaccept 	Bug Change Policies (removed, always set to 0)
noresolveonopenblockers 	Bug Change Policies
defaultopsys 	        Bug Fields
defaultplatform 	Bug Fields
defaultpriority 	Bug Fields
defaultseverity 	Bug Fields
showallproducts 	Bug Fields (removed, always set to 1)
usebugaliases 	        Bug Fields (removed, always set to 1, /LpSolit disagrees)
useclassification 	Bug Fields (removed, always set to 1, but do not display
                                    this field if there is only one classification)
useqacontact 	        Bug Fields
usestatuswhiteboard 	Bug Fields
usetargetmilestone 	Bug Fields
usevotes 	        Bug Fields (should be a plugin, but for now: default off!)
move-button-text 	Bug Moving
move-enabled 	        Bug Moving
move-to-address 	Bug Moving
move-to-url 	        Bug Moving
moved-default-component Bug Moving
moved-default-product 	Bug Moving
moved-from-address 	Bug Moving
movers 	                Bug Moving (removed, should be a group)
webdotbase 	        Dependency Graphs
chartgroup 	        Group Security (removed, should be a group)
insidergroup 	        Group Security (removed, should be a group)
makeproductgroups 	Group Security
querysharegroup 	Group Security (removed, should be a group)
strict_isolation 	Group Security
timetrackinggroup 	Group Security (removed, should be a group)
useentrygroupdefault 	Group Security
usevisibilitygroups 	Group Security
LDAPBaseDN 	        LDAP
LDAPbinddn       	LDAP
LDAPfilter 	        LDAP
LDAPmailattribute 	LDAP
LDAPserver 	        LDAP
LDAPstarttls 	        LDAP
LDAPuidattribute 	LDAP
RADIUS_email_suffix 	RADIUS
globalwatchers 	Email
mail_delivery_method 	Email
mailfrom 	Email
sendmailnow 	Email
smtp_debug 	Email
smtpserver 	Email
whinedays 	Email
bonsai_url 	Patch Viewer
cvsroot 	Patch Viewer
cvsroot_get 	Patch Viewer
lxr_root 	Patch Viewer
lxr_url 	Patch Viewer
defaultquery 	                Query Defaults
mostfreqthreshold 	        Query Defaults (removed, should be a constant = 2)
mybugstemplate 	                Query Defaults
quicksearch_comment_cutoff 	Query Defaults (removed, should be a constant = 4)
quip_list_entry_control 	Query Defaults (quips should be a plugin)
specific_search_allow_empty_words 	Query Defaults
shadowdb 	Shadow Database
shadowdbhost 	Shadow Database
shadowdbport 	Shadow Database
shadowdbsock 	Shadow Database
confirmuniqueusermatch 	User Matching
maxusermatches 	        User Matching
usemenuforusers 	User Matching
usermatchmode 	        User Matching (removed, always set to 'search')