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Roadmap for Bugzilla 3.0

This is the roadmap for 3.0. Do not edit it! The roadmap for Bugzilla 3.2 is available here.

Objectives described in the table are not ordered by priority as some of them may be relatively independent.

Task Related Bugs Date of implementation Assigned developer Requirements
Removing versioncache Bug 110503 June 19, 2006 mkanat none
Removing globals.pl Bug 87411 June 20, 2006 mkanat, LpSolit Removing versioncache
Removing deprecated SQL routines (SendSQL, SqlQuote, ...) Bug 278017 June 20, 2006 wicked, LpSolit Removing routines from globals.pl
Customizing resolutions Bug 94534 July 13, 2006 LpSolit none
Implementing a Web Services framework Bug 224577 August 19, 2006 Wurblzap none
Implement real flag and flagtype objects Bug 304699 August 24, 2006 LpSolit none
Implementing custom fields Bug 91037 September 8, 2006 mkanat none
Centralizing bug creation in Bug.pm Bug 305136 September 15, 2006 mkanat Removing globals.pl
Implementing inbound mail Bug 94850 October 16, 2006 Colin, mkanat Centralizing bug creation and editing in Bug.pm
Supporting multiple skins Bug 321556 October 17, 2006 Wurblzap none
Having a better UI (no meta bug) October 17, 2006 Wurblzap Supporting multiple skins, Implementing custom fields, Adding AJAX for some features
Support for mod_perl Bug 87406 December 15, 2006 mkanat Removing globals.pl
Implementing web services Follow-ups to Bug 224577 February 4, 2007 mkanat Web Services framework, Centralizing bug creation and editing in Bug.pm
Tasks which missed the boat for 3.0 (removed from the initial roadmap):
Supporting Oracle Bug 189947 --- Oracle Corp. none
Adding AJAX for some features Bug 325501 --- gandalf none
Customizing statuses and workflow Bug 101179 --- karl Customised resolutions
Centralizing bug editing in Bug.pm Bug 122922 --- mkanat Removing globals.pl