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This page details versions of Bugzilla's required software that are currently known (not) to work with bugzilla. Software, certainly open-source software, is constantly improved and extended, with subsequent releases. When a version isn't listed on this page, you can still expect it to work. Feel free to add new known (not) working versions to keep this page up to date.


Windows: ActiveState Perl

Version Status Comments
ActiveState Perl 5.18.4 (build 1805) OK


Version Status Comments
MySQL 5.0.15 and higher OK


Version Status Comments
DBD::mysql 4.001 OK


Version Status Comments
PostgreSQL 9.0 OK Minimum Requirement


Version Status Comments
Apache HTTP Server 2.0.X OK
Apache HTTP Server 2.2.X OK if using mod_perl, mod_perl 2.0.3 or higher is required, due to a bug in handling ExecCGI in PerlConfigRequires in Apache 2.2


Version Status Comments