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Now that you have a patch, the next thing to do is to attach it in Bugzilla.

1. First, do a search and see if your request has already been filed. (I hope you already did this, before writing the patch, but just in case you haven't, do it now.)

2. If there isn't already a bug filed for your request, file it.

3. Attach your patch, using the "Add an attachment" link on the bug page. (You can also do this when you're filing a new bug.)

  • Make sure you click the "patch" checkbox.
  • Usually we name our patches something like "v1" in the Description field, because we can possibly go through several revisions of patches during the review process.
  • Include a comment about your patch that explains why you did things the way you did them.

4. Ask for review from the right person. This is covered more in the page about the review process.