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Build/Infrastructure Team Radar, June 2006

High Priority

  • Continue simplifying patch creation process (preed)
  • Y!/Goog builds/updates (build=coop, updates=preed); drop-dead date: 15 June
  • Bouncer2 deployment for (morgamic/clouser)
  • AUS2 deployment for (morgamic/clouser)
  • Simplification/automation of the repacking scripts (coop)
  • release work (rhelmer)
  • First stage of Test-farm deployment (define first stage: Schrep)

Medium Priority

  • Round 2 of VM migrations (coordination: preed; work: IT)
  • Reference platform work; continue, start with Win32/Mac (preed)


  • Open source AUS2 with patcher2 tools
  • Clean up FTP mirrors
  • Tbox 2 testing/investigations (rhelmer)


  • Y!/Goog builds/updates
  • AUS2 (re-)deployment
  • First miletone of test-farm deployment
  • Reference VM for Win2k3 + VC8
  • Second UB-capable Xserve audited, deployed, and producing builds
  • Open source AUS2 server-side tools
  • Cleaned up FTP mirrors by moving around the rsync mirror modules with IT's help