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Warning: This RelEng page is obsolete!
This practice is not maintained anymore

Build Team Task Radar

For the last few months, we've been tracking all of our various projects, ToDo items and bugs as actual bugs in bugzilla. If you want to see the same list we see, click here.

Our workload falls into 4 categories:

  • p1: emergency task; take priority over everything else
  • p2: scheduled task; being actively worked on. Hope to have completed within 2 weeks.
  • p3: triaged, but not scheduled task. No work being done on this.
  • --: not yet triaged. No work being done on this.

If you see something that needs fixing, and its not already filed as a bug, please do file a bug (; component=build). We triage through the bugs, and this allows us to schedule/loadbalance/prioritize as needed. Feel free to contact us on email (build at mozilla dot org) or IRC ( #build) if you have any questions.