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  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • coop: Mon Feb 22 - Tue Mar 8 - vacation
    • Vlad: 14 - 18 March
    • Alin: Tue Apr 5 - Fri Apr 8 - vacation

Meetings every Wednesday

kmoir additional bugs

  • This mana page describes all the releng clusters Are there any services that you interact with that are missing? (We are preparing to moving these systems and incorporating a standard deployment scenario)

  • could start working on patches for this bug to disable linux32 builds and tests since disabling b2g tests is almost done

-vlad is working on this

  • How is work on this going?

Old revisions of android tests were scheduled (kmoir asked for a staging db to be setup for you - now available)

From coop:

move to once a week, wednesday at 9:30am ET, coop to schedule

25.02.2016 - 2.03.2016


  • Thanks for the quick work on getting the reimaged win machines into production to address capacity issues!

We sent out a note to the public release engineering list each week with the accomplishments for the team for the week. Feel free to add yours to it too

We had our monthly releng meeting yesterday at 4pm ET. Here are the notes

  • highlights: graph server is going away soon

will be trying to use #releng instead of #mozbuild

  • Tree uptime is improving!
  • How is the root password project going?
  • Add more tst-linux64, tst-emulator64 capacity in AWS -
    • created the patches
  • Disable all 32-bit linux testing -
  • Puppetization fails on a dev-linux64-ec2 loaner due to certificates issues -
    • had some issues creating an AWS builder due to certificates issues
    • we did another test today and it worked fine, so maybe it was
    • did a needinfo to :grenade to see if he has some input on this, otherwise we’re ok
  • [root password rotation]:
  • created a test AWS instance and linked it to the personal environment from
  • what we want to do here is some reverse engineering to see how a public key is sent to the instance (in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys) and then find a similar way in order to set the root password