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What is CIDuty?

CiDuty (formerly BuildDuty) is a team dedicated to helping out developers with Firefox continuous integration infra issues and enquiries. We currently have six people based in Romania that provide 24/7 support. CiDuty complement the sheriffing team where sheriffs respond to Firefox code regressions, CiDuty respond to the infrastructure that builds and tests Firefox code.

Have a question or issue with Firefox, build and test infrastructure? ciduty can help and ensure your inquiry gets answered.


As a 24/7 support team, ciduty are available via irc, email, and bugzilla.


  • #ci - look for 'ciduty' in nick (monitors other channels as well)


  • needinfo or assign
  • file under CIDuty component if you are not sure where to file your CI related ticket




The CIDuty manifesto describes the team responsibilities in a nutshell.


Name Profile Social Blog
Jordan Lund jlund github blog
Zsolt Fay zfay github N/A
Radu Iman riman github N/A
Bogdan Crisan bcrisan github N/A
Danut Labici dlabici github N/A
Roland Mutter rmutter github N/A
Adrian Pop apop github N/A

CiDuty priorities

The CiDuty actionable enumerates their daily/weekly sanity job.


There's a HowTo wiki page that aggregates useful info related to the tasks CiDuty is taking care of (as of January 2019).

Useful Links

Deprecated / Archived

The following links and pages are out-of-date or not used anymore. They are still here for historical reasons.


Meeting Notes

Old meeting docs from BuildDuty era.