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Upcoming vacation/PTO:

  • coop: Mon Feb 22 - Tue Mar 8 - vacation
  • Alin: Thu Apr 7 - Fri Apr 8 - vacation
  • Vlad: below you can find the vacation for first Q1 of year
    • 4-5 February
    • 18,19 February
    • 14 - 18 March

Meetings every Wednesday

06.01.2016 - 07-01.2016

From coop: buildduty projects for Q1: - Disable all B2G Desktop Builds & Tests on All trees - Disable all 32-bit linux testing - Replace cruncher with one or more managed hosts root password rotation for various releng services (from hwine) slave loan issues adding functionality to relengbot schedule for this meeting move to once a week, wednesday at 9:30am ET, coop to schedule

11.01.2016 - 13.01.2016 created the patches pushed the changes to production created the patches pushed the changes to production bring up the buildbot master Scheduled a downtime for service “buildbot masters age”, period for one week [Slaveloan] resumed the Python course started a few weeks ago relengapi code debugging in order to understand how it works trying to find a way to integrate slaveapi’s script into relengapi → slaveloan