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Meeting Details

  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • Alin: February 17, March 6-8
    • Andrei: January 23
    • Sebastian: January 19-27
    • Florin: January 18-20
    • Coop:
    • Kmoir:
  • Holidays:
    • Canada: Feb 20 (Ontario)
    • Romania: January 24

Possible bugs

From coop:

From kmoir:

  • How are preparations for the mercurial upgrades going for build/test machines? (to support bug 1298976)
    • [alin]: still need to be done for Windows 10 testers
  • Other possible bugs:
    • Schedule win10vm test jobs on try - what’s the status here?
    • Create alerts for t-w732 and g-w732 pending
    • Is there further automation that you can implement to make regular tasks easier i.e. the machine loan email as a template
      • [alin]: as discussed in Hawaii, we’ll start investigating what improvements can be done here
    • Other goals
      • Puppet master upgrades: we're on a really old version, and should have a better story for upgrades going forward. We can move a single platform to start

SV: 2017/01/09 - 2017/01/13

  • New buidduty team member: Sebastian Păcurar (:spacurar) \o/
    • Mozilla account (?)
    • Like in our case, he’ll need access to several places:
      • AWS console
      • Releng LDAP group
      • Inventory
      • Permissions for vpn_releng_group (slave loan purposes)
      • Account on winadmin host (?)
  • Bug 1326471 - Ash runs talos-g4 despite being 'enable_talos': False
    • Some talos jobs are still being scheduled even though 'enable_talos' is set to False in
  • Bug 1315977 - Mac build machines doing l10n repacks need python 2.7.6 or newer
    • 4 bld-lion-r5 machines are loaned to my puppet environment
    • These machine will have python version 2.7.12
    • Buildbot doesn’t start automatically and by running manually, machine get restarted at some point and the job is interrrupted:
      • /opt/runner/bin/python2.7 /opt/runner/bin/runner -v --syslog -H -n 15 -c /opt/runner/runner.cfg /opt/runner/tasks.d
      • Example for bld-lion-r5-070
      • Kmoir - did you change runner config when you loaner yourself the machine (I can look again at the machine too)
  • Bug 1328238 - OS X 10.10 debug test run into hdiutil: attach failed - image data corrupted for installer.dmg (local variable 'appDir' referenced before assignment)"
    • any idea how I could test a job here using specific platform,branch and buildername on my loaner
    • I took a buildprops.json from a similar job and manually changed the parameters to match my requirements( OSX 10.10 autoland debug)but then I hit other errors
    • Kmoir - how are you invoking the job? A manual sendchange or just invoking the builder?