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Meeting Details

  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • Alin:
    • Andrei:
    • Sebastian:
    • Florin:
    • Coop:
    • Kmoir:
  • Holidays:
    • Canada:
    • Romania:

Possible bugs

From coop:

From kmoir:

  • Other possible bugs:
    • Is there further automation that you can implement to make regular tasks easier i.e. the machine loan email as a template
    • [alin]: as discussed in Hawaii, we’ll start investigating what improvements can be done here
  • Other goals
    • Puppet master upgrades: we're on a really old version, and should have a better story for upgrades going forward. We can move a single platform to start(kmoir needs to open bug here and ask arr on current state)
    • Talked to Rok this week re moving releng web properties to releng services. He said that his documentation is ready to use and he is willing to pair program with people as needed. We could move one of this projects (slave health, buildapi, slavealloc) as a start, depending on what you think is most useful.
  • Priorities update. Lawrence had a meeting with his mgmt team in Toronto recently and established the following ordered priorities
    • 1. Data centre move - two different data centres (will ask Amy for plan)
    • 2. OSX on TC (we need to do this so we don’t have to move mac builders into new DC)
    • 3. Quantum
    • 4. Security, Disaster recovery (part of having two data centres now). Securing the autoland pipeline
    • 5. Phase out aurora (Q1 planning)
    • 6. Reduce orange factor
    • 7. Blocking bad commits
    • 8. TC for Linux (almost done) talos needs to be done
    • 9. TC Windows
  • How is your workload these days? Do you feel like there is too much to do or too little? What percentage of time are you spending on operational requests vs writing patches for automation etc?
  • How are things after the s3 outage yesterday?

SV: 2017/03/13 - 2017/03/17

  • New buidduty team member: Sebastian Păcurar (:spacurar) \o/
    • It seems that he isn’t in ‘mozilla-release’ mail group
      • [alin] DONE
  • Bug 1332337 - migrate machine health dashboard to releng services
    • Had some short meetings with Rok
    • Created api.yml and for for test purpose at this phase
    • Plan:
      • create,api.yml structure
      • Redirection of frontend to use those informations from
      • Rewrite
    • Did some tests on frontend to use the informations from, I was able to generate and load main page (slavehealth) , pool page ( pool example) and now working on loading the informations for machine page ( example)
    • Most of these changes are now in my github repository : slave_health_tests
  • Bug 1342825 - Don't run mochitest browser screenshots on PGO builds
    • mochitest-browser-chrome tests run on PGO on WIndows 7 ix and Windows 8 ix on mozilla-central branch in buildbot. They can be found in Treeherder as Tier 3
    • Tried to find a way to remove the tests on Linux64/opt on nightlies, but I receive an error from Task Graph when trying to generate graphs:
      • There is an exception thrown when trying to generate graphs from parameters.yml artifact of the task: “extra parameters: include_nightly”
      • This exception blocks me from generating the graphs I need to work on, since I need to disable mochitest-browser-chrome tests on nightlies.
      • Kmoir - attach the paramaters.yml file and the patch to the bug and I will try to figure out what is wrong
  • Bug 1338239 - Remove tc() prefix from platforms that no longer exist in buildbot
    • currently investigating this
    • will need to find a way to differentiate platforms when setting up group symbols