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CCK Customization for Firefox

  • Company name at the end in the titlebar
    • In theory, this would be changing mainWindow.titlemodifer in browser.dtd (See Bug 292629
  • Company identifier added to the user agent
    • Add a new item to firefox.js - general.useragent.vendorComment and set it to CK-Company name or something like that
  • Change Activity Indicator URL
    • browser.throbber.url is a complex pref that points to value browser.throbber.url in browser-region/
    • can also be modified via firefox.js like this - data:text/plain,browser.throbber.url= or by using
  • Change Activity Indicator tooltip
    • Change throbber.tooltip in browser.dtd
  • Change Activity indicator image
  • Add one item to the help menu
    • Help menu is in baseMenuOverlay.xul - best way to do this is probably an overlay
    • Need bug fixed first Bug 292773
  • New default homepage
    • Modify - browser.startup.homepage and browser.startup.homepage_reset or use the data:text stuff referenced above in firefox.js. lives as a text file where the EXE is.
  • Add items to the personal toolbar (including live bookmarks)
    • Replace bookmarks.html in defaults/profile
  • Remove items from the personal toolbar
    • Replace bookmarks.html in defaults/profile
  • Add a single custom bookmark or a custom folder with up to five items (including live bookmarks)
    • Replace bookmarks.html in defaults/profile
  • Remove bookmarks
    • Replace bookmarks.html in defaults/profile
  • Default proxy configuration
    • Add prefs to firefox.js or new .js file - firefox-cck.js or such
  • Add additional search engine
    • Add .src and .png file to searchplugins directory
  • Change update URL
    • app.update.url in or use the data:text method or
    • Need documentation on how a company would setup an internal update server
  • Change plugin finder service URL
    • pfs.datasource.url in or use the data:text method or
    • Need documentation on how a company would setup an internal pfs server
  • Add sites to default "don't block popups" list
    • Create file hostperm.1 with the sites and place in the defaults/profile and defaults/profile/xx-XX directory
  • Add sites to default "allow to install software" list
    • Create file hostperm.1 with the sites and place in the defaults/profile and defaults/profile/xx-XX directory
  • Add sites to default "allow cookies" list
    • Create file hostperm.1 with the sites and place in the defaults/profile and defaults/profile/xx-XX directory
  • Customize the toolbar (add/remove)
  • Add/Remove/Hide menubar items, context menu items
  • Disable downloads
  • Disable about:config
  • add about:plugins back?
  • Locked preference panel to set all this?
  • Disable the ability to install additional extension?

The above items are removed because they don't really fall in the customization of the CCK - they move toward locked preferences which is phase two.

Need to investigate the potential to create a CCK.JAR that contains a lot of the necessary changes.

--Nirwana 08:52, 27 Apr 2005 (PDT) If the CCK were an extension, this could easily be disabled or uninstalled. IMHO, this is not the best option for companies/ISPs wishing to customize Firefox. They'd like to be really sure that what they customize cannot easily be undone. Mostly they customize the browser for a reason and do not like it when this reason can easily be circumvented.

--Gavin Sharp 09:53, 27 Apr 2005 (PDT) So why not add the ability to prevent disabling and uninstallation? People seem to be quick to reject the extension system because of minor issues like these, but these issues seem much easier to fix than rearchitecturing the installer.

--MikeKaply 09:03, 27 Apr 2005 (PDT) Very true, and I'm not sure necessarily at this point an extension is the right thing. I'll remove the extension comment at the top and just focus on collecting the types of things people will want to modify.

--fantasai The CCK should guide people through branding issues based on what customizations they have made.

--DERoss I would like to see Firefox on the PCs in my local public library. Actually, it would have to be installed in 12 libraries in my county's system. For this to happen, customization beyond the proposed list is mandatory.

(1) When the browser is started, a "terms of use" window appears. The user must select the "Accept" button to continue. (This might be via a non-browser system capability.)

(2) For accessibility, users must be allowed to change preferences for fonts and colors. However, whenever the browser is terminated, those changes must be "forgotten". Other preferences (e.g., popup permissions) might also be changed but must also be "forgotten". However, administrator-set preferences would have to persist.

(3) All cookies received during a user's session would have to be treated as session-only cookies.

(4) All history and cache must be erased at termination.

(5) File downloads would have to be blocked. Any file would have to open in the browser. Allowed file-types would be restricted per an administrator-set whitelist. (Of course, the administrator would have to set the whitelist to correspond to installed plugins, which the users would not be allowed to download and install.)

(6) Allow administrator-set bookmarks (any number).

This is only a partial list of customization capabilities for CCK if it is to be used to make Firefox suitable for installation in public libraries.

--MikeKaply 07:01, 28 Apr 2005 (PDT) That sounds a lot more like a library specific extension. Have you looked at the kiosk work that mozdevgroup has done at all?

--DERoss Library use is not quite the same as kiosk use. Unlike the kiosk extension for the Brooklyn Museum, library use involves full Web surfing activities. Thus, the keyboard is fully functional. Also, the PC may also be used for other tasks -- other applications -- requiring normalizing, closing, or minimizing the browser window. Since my county's library system accepts no federal funding, filtering is NOT done on most PCs; some are filtered for children's use. Overall, a browser for a library should have more flexibility and capability than a kiosk browser but somewhat less than a work-environment browser.

--Robin Wed Jul 27 08:07:59 CST 2005 I have made a central management web tool for Firefox called Foxconf. If anyone is interested, you can try it at:

--User:quartz:quartz Thursday, Aug 18, 2005 Actually, I agree, we've been looking for a customizable browser for library use and it's not easy. I couldn't get CCK to work with Firefox 1.0.6. Version conflict or such. One thing more thing that would be nice, is the ability to enable or disable a print button.