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design issues

  • need to handle offline case gracefully
    • fragment identifiers can be used, but hacky; ping WhatWG
  • static add vs. dynamic add vs. preview actions
    • spec issue: GET not very RESTful for first two cases
  • security issues
    • spec: "should NEVER send https URIs to third-party sites"; need to design fallback behavior or change. todo: ask hixie what this protects
    • how do we handle URI leakage as per HTML5 todo: does fx2 handle this? sounds hard (impossible?) to fix
    • credential leakage spec verbiage sounds unimplementable
    • set up security audit
      • protocol handlers
        • figure out what URI schemes are acceptable for both source and target
  • POST issues
    • use cases
    • security stuff (see biesi/hixie thread in WhatWG archives)
      • require https to prevent WiFi hotspot MiTM attacks?

web handlers todos

  • code
    • refactor pref RDF stuff for protocol support: bug 384374 (waiting for review)
    • tweak pref RDF stuff for multiple apps: bug 384374
    • proto dialog: lightweight XUL dialog (implement and hook up) bug 385065
    • prefs UI for changing bug 377784
    • register{Protocol}Handler dialog & impl bug 385106
    • platform specific app detection (win, mac, unix) bug 385114
  • favicons for pre-shipped online handlers
  • online default registry (plugin finder?)
  • security review