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Firefox OS Education Booth - CMDA IT EXPO 2014, Pune

About CMDA

Established in 1993, Computers & Media Dealers Association (CMDA) is a leading IT trade association India. Formed by more than 320 dynamic IT entrepreneurs of Pune, CMDA works for the betterment of IT trade – community and consumers. CMDA has a member list of prestigious computer dealers, distributors, system integrators and service providers. The association aims at providing a pro-active platform for businessman for problem identification and solving, government representations, disputes resolving and technical-commercial sharing.

The first IT trade association in India to be ISO 9001-2008 Certified. CMDA takes its vision forward through a variety of events, seminars, projects and activities. IT trade EXPO in Pune. The association has partnerships with its Vendors, National Distributors, Regional Distributors, Sub Distributors and System Integrators etc. Value driven, ethical and result oriented, CMDA has dedicated staff and state of the art setup.


Mozillians at the booth

Location and Date

Date : 11-14 December, 2014
Place : Vasundhara Pandit Farms Riverside DP Road, Near Mhatre Bridge, Pune

Event Overview

In the 4 day long expo we had visitors from a varied background and to our surprise most of them were hardcore Firefox users. It was a great experience interacting with Mozilla product users. The Firefox OS stood like a star at the expo. Phones from our hardware partners Spice, Alcatel, Intex and Zen were put on display so that people could have hands on experience while we explained them about Firefox OS.

Goodies were given to those who showed great interest in developing apps on Firefox OS. On knowing that Firefox OS app development can be done by using text editor and the apps are based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript only, many students and young developers showed great interest in developing apps. Looking at their interests we’ve planned to organize a dedicated Firefox OS hack-a-thon very soon in Pune city.

Visitor Response

“You guys are doing a good job educating on Firefox OS. I just bought one more phone and I'm happy about it.”

“This is really a great OS and I will ask my child to start contributing towards it.”

“I can’t believe smartphones OS can run on such low hardware specifications. This is a great technology and I will surely buy Firefox OS phone”.

“Can I root my current smartphone and install Firefox OS in it? ”


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