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CU Firefox Club
University/College: Chandigarh University
City: Mohali
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Akshit Sharma
Club Founder: Girish Mehta
Website: CU Firefox Club's Website
Mozillians Profile: {{{MozilliansProfile}}}
Faculty Mentor: Gurpreet Singh  

About Us

The Chandigarh University Firefox Club aims to teach the world, bring it online to an open web and start writing it just the way you want it. The Club hosts events to provide the knowledge and help every passionate person in contributing to the Mozilla Mission. Apart from hosting events, all the FSA's sit down and together work upon an idea, code it and then bring it live to the world using their developers account's. We also share knowledge and gain experience while working in the program.
Club Members:-
1. Girish -
2. Akshit -
3. Antar -
4. Tejasve -
5. Mandeep -
6. Richa -
7. Vishwajit -
8. Rajit loomba -


== 11.WebZack-4(Part-2)==

== 10.WebZack-4(Part-1) ==

== 9.Blind Coder 1.0 ==

== 8.Mozilla Spark(FX10)-Info Session ==

== 7.Mozilla Spark(FX10)-Booth Table ==

== 6.Rangoli Competition ==

== 5.MOZEvent-2: Orientation==

== 4.Webzack-3 : Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) ==

== 3.Webzack-2 : Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language(DHTML) ==

== 2.Webzack-1 : Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) ==

== 1.MOZEvent-1: Orientation ==

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