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Sunbird 0.3a2 goals/tasklist

I (jminta) wanted to start getting down some sort of checklist for what needs to be done for 0.3a2, so that we can get that out the door a lot faster than 0.3a1. Feel free to add/subtract/comment on this.

New views

  • Get calendar-month-view.xml and calendar-multiday-view.xml into Sunbird and track down all the regressions this will cause (redrenius/jminta are testing this now)
  • We need to win mvl's war on boxes
  • Views need to support multiple event selection (via ctrl+click)
  • Fix coloring/themes to match throughout app
  • Be consistent throughout with editing single occurrence/all occurrences (probably need new UI, or at least a prompt)
  • It's pretty easy to allow custom views at with calendar-multiday-view.xml, consider exposing some UI for that
  • jminta wants a new selection manager to replace calendarEventSelection()
  • Unify the tasklist/views, so that the bugs about the delete/edit buttons not working for tasks go away.

Event Dialog

  • calendar-event-dialog.xul is a lot simpler, easier to use, but it's missing some of the fields we want, expecially categories.
  • gekacheka had some ideas here
  • Again, be consistent with single occurrence/all occurrences


  • mvl mentioned this might need/want to be redone (In progress)


  • Stop using get*Pref() to set default prefs. Use a real pref.js file (In progress)
  • Probably best to use the basic idea behind get*Pref, to reduce the need to write var prefService = ..., then fix all these calls
  • Figure out what prefs are no longer useful, what new ones we need
  • There's a bug on adding an advanced tab with a link to about:config (but redrenius' extension also works fine)


  • Actually make the timezone pref picker work
  • Stop creating events as floating by default
  • Figure out UI for creating events in particular timezones
  • Fix the l10n bug about bad tz names in


  • mvl has the 0.3a1 blocker for importing speed.
  • Where else are we slow that we can gain?
  • Is it too early for calICalendarCaching?
  • Look at how often getItems is called

ICS calendars

  • do more with webdav:
    • locking
    • and/or eTag
    • url browsing to get the right cal
  • improve ics provider code
  • try to have some way to safely share a calendar


  • Make alarms not suck as much as they do now


  • Printing sucks, too. We at least need to get a better htmlexport engine.
  • Ideally, we should fix some of the other bugs where printing doesn't work for a fair number of people


  • Use the publish dialog in base/ (bug 293710)
  • Make the progress bar actually work


  • Look into syncing with pda (opensync?)
  • Use the code from the share-ics task mentioned above


  • There are some other bugs that we denied 0.3a1 approval for, track those down and get them in.
  • Improve/restore intuitive imports (DnD, commandline, webcal, etc)
  • There's been some recent noise regarding Syncml for mozilla stuff. Maybe try and get that in?
  • (meta) Don't block the UI as often. (For example, importing blocks the ui, can't show a progressbar because of that (not like it tries..) Same with playing an alarm sound.)