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Preserving blocking-calendar0.5 bug lists


ID  	 Sev  	 Pri  	 OS  	 Assignee  	 Status  	 Resolution  	 Summary
383272 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		[Proto] Recurrence dialog: weekly and monthly recurrencepattern is not in sync with minimonths
314339 	nor 	P1 	All 	NEW 		need to handle non-native timezone bits
381415 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	RDATE/EXDATE list is not considered
366177 	nor 	-- 	All 	ASSI 		Memory cache for storage provider
362285 	enh 	-- 	Wind 	ASSI 		Cannot choose Sunbird as the default calendar for Windows [registry]
244459 	nor 	-- 	All 	ASSI 		Drag and drop ical (.ics) attachments from mail onto calendar
340601 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Show category color indication on event/task boxes in calendar view
274967 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Need to be able to sync 2 calendars
195580 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Can't use delete button and key to delete task or calendar
212792 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		opening a .ics attachment launches calendar window but fails to import calendar event from attachment
273478 	nor 	-- 	Linu 	NEW 		Anonymous FTP confuses Firefox calendar logging into remote server
287612 	maj 	-- 	All 	NEW 		PUT without GET/merge when deleting events from remote calendars
314337 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		calling addSubcomponent on an already-present VTIMEZONE can lead to crashes and other badness
320178 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Need UI for editing single or all/future instances of recuring events
324312 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Item dialog widens with every click on More/Less button or Alarm dropdown or Event/Task dropdown
332266 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		'All' vs. 'This occurrence' dialog not shown when deleting recurring event via menu/toolbar
337191 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Event/Task Dialog always shows times in OS timezone regardless of timezone preferences
343544 	min 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Follow Tb's lead for handling about:license
351499 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Sort out "delete calendar" vs. "unsubscribe" UI hilarity
351581 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		[Win] Print fails on first attempt but works on second
353791 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Not possible to create new task when another task is selected (using double click in Todo tab)
354951 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		ICS import fails in ip_parseFromStream [in nsIScriptableUnicodeConverter.convertFromByteArray]
362498 	cri 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Date picker still reacts on clicks after being closed (date picker is invisible)
367456 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		Memory usage increases after Reload Remote Calendars
368225 	maj 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		when parser fails dialog with information is not displayed properly
371365 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		Duplicates appear for alarms left in Calendar Alarm window
373430 	maj 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		put without get in ftp
374267 	min 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		error when importing invalid file (format)
375309 	tri 	-- 	All 	NEW 		The title in event boxes should be placed a little bit lower
381420 	nor 	-- 	All 	NEW 		clarify usage of AUS2 update system for Sunbird 0.7 release
382254 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		deleting selection from unifinder with sorting by calendar name fails
382940 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	NEW 		Week start day preference changes not applied to Minimonth until restart
306692 	min 	P3 	All 	NEW 		Simplify file menu (New calendar vs. Subscribe to calendar)
327783 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	DUPL 	Offer more ways to switch between mail/calendar views
356269 	maj 	-- 	Wind 	RESO 	WORK 	localization will not work Lightning are always english
372879 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	WONT 	Tasks sort incorrectly if a Due Date is blank
385156 	cri 	-- 	Wind 	RESO 	WONT 	Performance regression on startup (hang)
357012 	enh 	-- 	All 	UNCO 		Week number support in multiweek views
346540 	nor 	-- 	All 	ASSI 		empty "select calendar" dialog when import .ics
372814 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	gdata-provider doesn't install on TB 2.0b2
40 bugs found. 


ID  	 Sev  	 Pri  	 OS  	 Assignee  	 Status  	 Resolution  	 Summary
362698 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	CalDAV provider should check etags on add/modify/delete
384218 	nor 	-- 	Linu 	VERI 	FIXE 	0.5 Relnote 'other issues' not quite right on CalDAV items
383163 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	Missing file sun-lightning.dtd in localized lightning.xpi
334685 	enh 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Processing iTIP requests and responses interface needed
375509 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	No 'Add To Calendar' button in TB 1.5 when I get a mail with a attached *.ics-file
376544 	maj 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	checkbox for sending invitations by email with ICS provider calendar
377641 	maj 	-- 	Wind 	VERI 	FIXE 	Outlook 2003 does not read iTIP/iMIP invitation because of missing UID in VEVENT
383263 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Wrong install.rdf in lightning-wcap.xpi and wcap-enabler.xpi - not installable on Linux/Mac
355755 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Alarms are dismissed when Sunbird is closed
377019 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	adjust WCAP Enabler version number from "0.3" to "0.5"
382840 	maj 	-- 	Wind 	VERI 	FIXE 	Alarms in ics files don't fire when scheduled - but do fire after editing
384726 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Todo items are duplicated (ICS Calendar only)
370670 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	guessSystemTimezone() tries to match against old 20050126_1 timezone definition
357112 	min 	-- 	Wind 	VERI 	FIXE 	Drag and drop of multiday-event does't drop on days the shadow suggests
358000 	maj 	-- 	Linu 	VERI 	FIXE 	Unable to change calendar while editing a new event if read-only calendar selected
360821 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Event creation fails if calendar view was not shown before
346318 	nor 	-- 	Mac 	RESO 	FIXE 	Datepicker appears only briefly when clicking on date dropdown in event dialog
369010 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	Update tzids for all tzids in storage.sdb
382155 	blo 	P1 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	Incomplete SUNBIRD_0_5_RELEASE tagging of l10n files
351380 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	wrong day selected after inserting a day name in the datetextpicker
365342 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Sunbird branch vs. trunk require version number changes
368327 	maj 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Enable Talkback for Sunbird 0.4a1 on MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH
369819 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Database version warning doesn't refer to Lightning/Calendar
372287 	cri 	-- 	Mac 	VERI 	FIXE 	Sunbird crashes on open in Mac OS 10.3, works in Mac OS 10.4 [% nsACString_internal::GetReadableBuffer()]
374078 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Datepicker doesn't change view
374757 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Lightning always wants to send iTIP messages to attendees
321653 	nor 	P1 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	import new TZ database
372366 	cri 	P1 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	After database schema upgrade 6 -> 7 all events are floating, timezone is lost
366299 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Can't create new event, can't navigate week view, can't switch off Workweek days only (error: selectedDay has no properties)
353070 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	VERI 	FIXE 	drag and drop for tasks do not work if due date is not set
368607 	maj 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	attendees get doublequoted
368982 	enh 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	visual enhancements for calendar event boxes
373742 	maj 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	week view changes after reload
377378 	nor 	-- 	Wind 	VERI 	FIXE 	Agenda is not populated with events from ics-calendar
379462 	cri 	P1 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Changing timezone of event in various timezones isn't possible
379876 	min 	-- 	Wind 	RESO 	FIXE 	Shifted button labels on iMIP bar
324198 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	Incorrect line endings with long UID loses SUMMARY information in Apple iCal
325641 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	implement per-calendar id
364148 	cri 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Freeze (hang) after creation of repeating event with interval greater than 32767
352255 	nor 	-- 	All 	RESO 	FIXE 	Multiple entries for same event in Agenda (after calendar reload)
356207 	cri 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Freeze (hang) after import of .ics file which has BYMONTHDAY and BYDAY in an RRULE
372608 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	preference 'calendar.timezone.local' is not updated to new timezone
380164 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Tracking bug for 0.5 RC1 Cleanup
372839 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Moving an event via drag&drop changes time when crossing DST boundaries
376167 	maj 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	deleting n events only delete n/2 events
377579 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Color stays in view when deselecting 'use color' in sunbird.
362742 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Customize Toolbar dialog is empty
367157 	min 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Cannot uncheck migrators on data migration wizard
353066 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	problem with refreshing tasks in main view when end due starts is set
369928 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	String "items failed to import. The last error was:" in import-export.js is not localized
372855 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	getOccurrencesBetween() in calTodo.js fails on tasks without entryDate or dueDate
377408 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Default sound for alarm doesn't work
383124 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	Bump version number for lightning-wcap to 0.5
352667 	nor 	-- 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	After deleting calendar the last calendar in list is not displayed
349520 	nor 	P1 	All 	VERI 	FIXE 	working hours for calendar-multiday-view
55 bugs found.