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Explanations of keywords, whiteboard pseudo-keywords, and flags likely to be found on Calendar bug pages at

blocking-calendarX.Y?/+/-, calendar-integration, checkin-needed, dataloss, good first bug, helpwanted, in-litmus?/+/-, in-testsuite?/+/-, l10n, late-l10n, mail-integration, mlk, regression, need testcase, need patch, need review, patch in hand, perf, qawanted, tb-integration?/+/-, testcase, uiwanted, wanted-calendarX.Y?/+/-

To create a query, use Bugzilla's advanced search, or start with the sample queries below [marked "(query)"] and click 'Edit Search'.


The keywords below are the more likely ones you may find on Calendar bugs. They are a subset of all keywords available at

Keywords for kinds of bugs

makes user data inaccessible to user (by deleting it, hiding it, corrupting it, etc.) (query)
memory leak (higher than expected consumption) (query)
performance problem (too slow) (query)
previously working feature is now broken (query)

Keywords for help requests

request for help reproducing, narrowing, triaging, etc. the bug (see also Calendar:QA_Home; see also in-litmus and in-testsuite flags) (query)
request for user interaction design (query)
request for help programming a fix (query)

Keywords for target audience

important bug fix has UI text change checked in after "string freeze" in release cycle, so alert localization (l10n) teams of extra work. (cf. l10n whiteboard tag below.) (query)
Thunderbird bugs that would help Calendar team integrate with Thunderbird (query)
Lightning bugs that would help Thunderbird team integrate with Lightning (see also tb-integration flag below) (query)

Keywords for status

(see also whiteboard tags below)

has an attached minimal example input file for reproducing the problem so a programmer can fix it (input is usually an .ics iCalendar file unless working on import problems) (cf. need testcase whiteboard tag, below.) (query)
reviewer accepted patch, it needs its changed files to be saved in the source code repository before it can be marked fixed. (query)
need a note to be written and added to release notes to describe an outstanding issue with this bug, such as warning and a workaround for an unfixed bug. (query)

Whiteboard Tags

Whiteboard tags are unofficial/experimental. Make sure to put them in the whiteboard field, not the keyword field.

Whiteboard can also be used with qawanted keyword to summarize what is wanted (steps to reproduce, duplicate triage, verification, etc.)

Tags for kinds of bugs

[good first bug]
involves UI text change (addition or modification), so must be implemented, reviewed, and checked-in before "string freeze" in release cycle, to give localization (l10n) teams time to translate text. (cf. late-l10n keyword above.) (query)

Tags for status

Used near releases. In query results add whiteboard column to summarize status. (See also keywords for status, above).

[need testcase]
need to reduce problem to small testcase input file (cf. testcase keyword, above) (query)
[need patch]
has no working patch, may need diagnosis (query)
[patch in hand]
has working patch, may need revisions (query)
[need review]
has proposed patch waiting for a reviewer to check it (cf. checkin-needed keyword, above) (query)


(see queries at Calendar:Roadmap and notes at Calendar:For_Everyone:Blocking_Flags)
? (requested)
ask for this bug to be considered blocking release X.Y
+ (accepted)
expect to fix this bug before release X.Y
- (rejected)
lack of fix for this bug will not delay release X.Y


? (requested)
ask for this bug to be considered wanted for release X.Y
+ (accepted)
may be fixed before release X.Y
- (rejected)
do not fix before release X.Y (too late or has conflicts)

(see also mail-integration keyword.)

ask for this bug to be considered blocking tb integration (query)
accepted as blocking lightning/thunderbird integration (query)
rejected as blocking lightning/thunderbird integration (query)


ask for manual UI test cases for bug to be added to (query)
manual UI test test cases for this bug have been added? (query)
manual UI test test cases for this bug cannot be added? (query)


ask for automatic test scripts for bug to be added (where?) (query)
automatic test scripts have beed added? (query)
automatic test scripts have cannot be added? (query)