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This is a proposal for a new (and hopefully improved) way of displaying calendars that a user has subscribed to. To add minor comments/feedback, please use the discussion page. More extensive discussion should be taken the newsgroup

Current Snapshot


Main Features

  • The calendar-tree has 3 columns:
    • The first column displays a checkbox in the color of the calendar. This lets us merge the calendar-color and the checkbox column. Originally suggested by Beltzner
      • Issue: I need someone who can draw a better checkbox with canvas. Generally, I have the form function drawCheckbox(aColor, aChecked) {} that returns toDataURL().
    • The second is the calendar's name. This is the flexed column
    • The last column is intended to show an icon related to the status of the calendar:
      • A lock for read-only calendars
      • The 0.2 reload icon for calendars that are loading
      • Something red/scary for calendars that have an error
  • Users have an ability to add arbitrary groupings for calendars
    • Issue: It's possible to allow users to place calendars in multiple categories, but my concern is that this model will become rather complex.
    • Issue: Need good, sane default groupings
    • Issue: Should we allow calendars to not be in a group?
  • Users have an ability to change the container of the calendar, or its ordering within a container, by drag-and-drop
  • Issue: Is inline editing of calendar names overkill? calFolders has this.