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This pages lists error codes used by the Calendar module. For error codes not listed here try the Mozilla Error Lookup page.

Error Code Symbolic Name Explanation
0x804a0001 INVALID_TIMEZONE An invalid or nonexistent timezone was encountered
0x804a0002 CAL_IS_READONLY Attempted to modify a readOnly calendar
0x804a0003 CAL_UTF8_DECODING_FAILED Error while decoding an (ics) file from UTF8
0x804a0004 DUPLICATE_ID Tried to add an item to a calendar in which an item with the same ID already existed
0x804a0005 OPERATION_CANCELLED Operation has been cancelled
0x804a0006 PROVIDER_CREATION_FAILED Creation of calendar object failed. (An error was encountered preparing the calendar for use. It will not be available before restarting.)
Errors used by ICS Provider (libical)
0x804a0100 ICAL_NO_ERROR No error
0x804a0101 ICAL_BADARG_ERROR Bad argument to function
0x804a0102 ICAL_NEWFAILED_ERROR Failed to create a new object via a *_new() routine
0x804a0103 ICAL_ALLOCATION_ERROR Failed to allocate new memory
0x804a0104 ICAL_MALFORMEDDATA_ERROR An input string was not correctly formed or a component has missing or extra properties
0x804a0105 ICAL_PARSE_ERROR Failed to parse a part of an iCal component
0x804a0106 ICAL_INTERNAL_ERROR Random internal error. This indicates an error in the library code, not an error in use
0x804a0107 ICAL_FILE_ERROR An operation on a file failed
0x804a0108 ICAL_USAGE_ERROR Failed to propertyl sequence calls to a set of interfaces
0x804a0109 ICAL_UNIMPLEMENTED_ERROR This feature has not been implemented
0x804a010A ICAL_UNKNOWN_ERROR Unknown error type -- icalerror_strerror() was probably given bad input
Errors used by WCAP Provider
0x804a0200 to 0x804a02FF See calIWcapErrors.idl See calWcapErrors.js
Errors used by CalDAV Provider
0x804a0301 DAV_NOT_DAV The resource is either not a DAV collection or not available
0x804a0302 DAV_DAV_NOT_CALDAV The resource is a DAV collection but not a CalDAV calendar
0x804a0303 DAV_NO_PROPS Unable to get properties of resource (not a network resource?)