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Below are state diagrams for iTIP functionality. It is recommended that you take a look at RFC 2446 in order to make sense of this. Note that these are very simplified views, and much of the interaction with the calendar has been left out in order to minimize the complexity.


  • Yellow ellipse denotes calendar action - these calendar actions are extremely simplified in order to prevent the diagram from being cluttered.
  • The rectangular purplish boxes denote receive methods - the iTIP method specified on receipt of an iTIP item.
  • The iTIP methods serving as line labels denote optional response methods - methods that the calendar user may use to respond to a given iTIP item with the noted receive method. For example, if an Organizer receives a REPLY method she may respond with REQUEST, ADD, CANCEL, or she may make no response.
  • The blue square boxes represent iTIP transport activity, such as iMIP emailing. RECV stands for Receive.

Simplified diagram of iTIP States for Organizer User

Simplified diagram of iTIP States for Attendee User