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Information regarding the 3rd Mozilla Calendar Developers Face-to-Face Meeting

Americans should read 20 things to keep in mind when visiting Germany first :-)


Tentative Attendees
  • David Ascher (davida)
  • Anil Srivastava (Anil)
  • Simon Paquet (sipaq)
  • Daniel Boelzle (dbo)
  • Philipp Kewisch (Fallen)
  • Martin Schröder (mschroeder)
  • Christian Jansen (chris-j)
  • Michael Büttner (mickey)
  • Bryan Clark (clarkbw)
  • Berend Cornelius (Berend)
  • Stephan Schäfer (ssa)
  • Andreas Treumann (Andreas)
  • Lars Wohlfahrt (thetux)
  • Hb (Hb), only one day
  • Dan Mosedale (dmose)
  • Sebastian Schwieger (sebo)
  • Mark Banner (standard8)
  • Kay Koll(Kay)


From: Saturday2008-04-1910:00 am
To: Tuesday2008-04-223:00 pm



Sun Microsystems GmbH
Nagelsweg 55
20097 Hamburg


Lodging Proposals

Public Transportation

  • take the S31 (direction: Harburg Rathaus) or S3 (direction: Stade)
  • get out at Hammerbrook (City Süd)



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tbd, add your name, pick a slot!

  • Find ways to recruit more people for the Calendar Project. Your help is needed!
  • If a lot of first-time vistors join, we may even offer a hands-on workshop!

Day 1 (Saturday)

Time Topic Description
09:50-12:00 Breakfast, Meet-and-greet If you like to join for breakfast, we have it at
Oma's Apotheke, Schanzenstraße 87 (take S11/S21/S31 to Sternschanze). Please be in time, because otherwise we will loose the table reservations!
1:00-1:15 Welcome, Org stuff (Daniel)
1:15-1:45 Status And Roadmap Revision What's the current status and what's left from last year?
3:00-4:45 Major Pain Points that need care for 0.9/1.0 Discuss the remaining features for 0.9/1.0
5:00-5:45 Life after 1.0 What should we focus on? What new exciting features do we want to implement? Good exit for having a beer ;)

Day 2 (Sunday)

Time Topic Description
10:00-12:00 Thunderbird 3 (David, Dan)
12:00-3:00 Lunch
3:00-3:45 Tabs & Search
4:00-4:45 Feature Discussion / QA Track Shorts* ? e.g. Explore improvements to our QA with possible automation techniques, calendar servers for testing, creation of a basic functionality test plan (extendend 0.8 test plan).
5:00-5:20 Wrap-Up (for people leaving on sunday)

Day 3 (Monday)

Time Topic Description
10:00-10:45 QA Track Automation, improving the unit tests
11:00-11:45 Marketing And Promotion Brainstorming (Kay, Erwin)
12:00-1:00 Lunch
2:00-2:45 Accessibility (Marco)
3:00-3:45  ?
4:00-4:45  ?

Day 4 (Tuesday)

Time Topic Description
10:00-10:45 Feature Discussion / QA Track Shorts* ?
11:00-11:45 Feature Discussion / QA Track Shorts* ?
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45  ?
2:00-2:20 Wrap-Up

Note on "Shorts": These are intended to be 45min segments on a particular topic/idea. They can be demos/prototypes, architecture problems/ideas, short talks, or really almost anything. Ideally, they should be split 15min for the presenter and 30min for discussion, but this is flexible. If you wish to present here, please sign up for an open slot. More slots can be created if the need arises.


Day 1 (Saturday)

Task mode in Sunbird

  • Can be implemented by community
  • Should be implemented as a mode, technically.
  • This will mean more code consolidation, and easier addition of further modes (i.e journal mode) by only moving UI and some extra code.
  • Implement as a view button for the user


  • How does mac ical do it?
  • Some like it, others hate it
  • Could be changed to only be shown with search results when searching
    • Search bar integration with thunderbird, create similar bar for sunbird.

Leaks and Performance

  • Roadmap spreadsheet: Split point 90 into finding, fighting, fixing.
  • Leaks not strictly blocking, but storage provider should be improved.

High level goals for 0.9 These goals were brainstormed. It might be a good idea to define high level goals and then in a second pass try to define specific features, and in a third pass define specific bugs.

  • 80% of daily use UI should be "usable"
  • Being interoperable
  • Improve performance: Make a standard manager calendar be usable

Versioning ideas

  • Next release is the last branch release
  • If quality isn't "good enough", then calling the release 1.0 might hurt the Mozilla Brand, since round versions have always meant quality.
  • If quality is sufficient, the next release will be called 1.0, otherwise 0.9
  • Afterwards, we should switch to trunk
  • If Thunderbird 3 is delayed, possibly add another release on branch.

Day 3 (Monday)


  • MarcoZ held an interesting talk about accessibility
  • In thunderbird, the list of email addresses (i.e To, CC) is not very accessible
  • In calendar, the calendar grid is not very accessible
  • MarcoZ is happy to test builds for accessibility, if someone provides them
  • MacOSX is not very accessible, Windows has had screen readers for 13 years, linux is a bit younger
  • Gnome has a pre-installed, integrated screen reader called orca
  • Common windows screen reader is called NVDA.
  • In order to make a binding accessible, nsIAccessibleProvider has to be implemented, possibly also nsIAccessible if common objects cannot be used.
  • There should be keybindings for every possible command.
  • Every user-accessible element should be in the taborder