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Calendar iTIP and iMIP Use Cases

Please feel free to add use cases as appropriate. This page is a work in progress.

General Use Cases

Sending a Meeting Request
User Intention System Response
Opens Existing Event Event Dialog Opened
Adds Attendees Attendees added
Chooses OK Asks if would like to edit invitation email for meeting
Chooses No Proper iMIP email automatically generated for iTIP method REQUEST to attendees

Accepting Meeting Request, editing response
User Intention System Response
Clicks on Recieved iMIP Email MIME parser reads, determines correct security
Opens XUL iMIP presentation window for meeting REQUEST
Chooses Accept, Target Calendar, Decides to edit Request Proper moz-cal-handle-itip URI generated
Adds event to calendar, generates email, Allows user to edit email
Sends Email Email Sent

Security Use Cases

Spoofing Organizer
User Intention System Response
Clicks on iMIP message where sender and Organizer do not match MIME Parser detects security issue
Proper HTML is displayed for message, event not loaded - no iMIP XUL window