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We had good turn out for the January 16th test day and user interface feedback session. Below are the items that users wanted to bring to our attention.

Issue Bug Number

Cannot drag to create an event if an event is already in that place on day and week view, recommend that you be able to drag through the "hours" part of the UI

bug 367131

Need better progress indicator on data migrator -- appears to hang

None yet, found by beltzner

Calendars imported by data migrator from Apple iCAL are not differentiated

bug 367141

Users recommend using short date rather than long date, particularly in agenda view of Lightning

Recommended by Mc, seconded by Archaeopteryx

Having preferences to control what the event dialog uses for default settings

bug 312073

Issues with date format options not correct for Denmark locale

Would a localized build take care of this (he's testing using an en-US build)? No bug yet, found by johnst

Use better contrast font in Task list to make it easier to read

bug 367190

One user would like menu items (from edit menu) for "reschedule this occurrence" (edit occurrence) and "Remove this occurrence" (delete occurrence). User did not feel that double clicking or hitting delete on specific occurrences was intuitive

no bug yet, found by denis