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This list is far from complete. Please always use bugzilla for a comprehensive search! Feel free to add issues here as you find or report them in bugzilla.

General issues

  • not all recurrence rules are supported: e.g. BYSETPOS (bug 322458) and WKST (bug 331112).
  • ORGANIZER property lost after import + export bug 348264
  • Sending iMIP/iTIP requests and responses using email Needed bug 334681
  • Publish freebusy aggregate calendar bug 205659
  • Drag and drop ical (.ics) attachments from mail onto calendar bug 244459
  • On the import of an iCal calendar, Sunbird displays unwanted alarms/alerts bug 276585
  • HTML/CSV "Export Calendar" function fails when iCal subcomponet does not contain DTSTART bug 336175
  • need to handle non-native timezone bits bug 314339
  • opening a .ics attachment launches calendar window but fails to import calendar bug 212792
  • importing already existing events (no matter what calendar they are in) results in error message bug 325449
  • exceptions are not handled in addItem for import, iMIP and copy/paste bug 354578

Microsoft Outlook

Google Calendar