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If you're not a Calendar developer, please put your comments and notes in the Discussion area for this page. If you're not a developer at all, you're probably better off on another Lightning page. =)

Thunderbird Integration Issues

Adding a Calendar account type

Representation in folder view

"Taking over" view for calendar data

Hooking into search/unified display

Context Menus

Lightning needs context menus for several areas of the UI. What do these menus need to contain?


  • New event
  • New task
  • Edit event/task (where appropriate)
  • Delete event/task (where appropriate)

Task List

  • New task
  • Edit task (where appropriate)
  • Delete task (where appropriate)
  • Mark completed (where appropriate)
  • Delete recurrent event series/single occurrence

Calendar List

  • New Calendar
  • Edit Calendar (where appropriate)
  • Delete Calendar (where appropriate)
  • Hide/Show events in calendar (where appropriate)
  • Publish Calendar (where appropriate)

Multiday/month views

  • Go forward
  • Go back
  • New Event
  • Edit event (where appropriate)
  • Delete event (where appropriate)