Calendar:QAChat:2006-10-05 Log

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<lilmatt>	meeting yo
<ctalbert>	Calendar-QA Chat will start momentarily. I'm putting the
                finishing touches on the Test day results page
<ctalbert>	Give me two minutes, please
<celina63>	Bery, that odd-numbered theory is probably based on the Star 
                Trek movie phenomena
<celina63>	:D
<Bery>	        That deduction is highly illogical. ;-)
<Bery>	        And yet ... Fascinating.
<lilmatt>	ctalbert: Do you have a good handle on how to fix that CalDAV
                race condiition bug?
<ctalbert>	No
<firebot> set the Resolution field on bug 355544 
                to DUPLICATE of bug 355545.
<firebot>	Bug maj, --, 
---,, RESO DUPLICATE, "Workweek days only" option doesn'
<firebot>	Bug maj, --, 
---,, UNCO, "Workweek days only" option does not work properly
<ctalbert>	Ok, I apologize for starting late, but let's get the 
                Calendar -QA meeting started.
<ctalbert>	First off, Congratulations to everyone on another successful test
               day. The results are posted: 
<ctalbert>	We did a ton of good work on the test day, and we did it with far
                fewer people than we had the last test day.
<lilmatt>	Use a big enough font?
<ctalbert>	I liked it. :-)
<ctalbert>	This day was a bit different than the last because several folks 
                had to step up to moderate since I was on the west coast.
<celina63>	yay Sebo and karora
<celina63>	you say "west coast" like that's a bad thing :D
<ctalbert>	And they did an excellent job.
<ctalbert>	It's not a bad thing, but I was way behind when I finally rolled 
                into the test day.
<lilmatt>	So at this point we've got the one blocker approved and ready for
<ctalbert>	I saw that. That's very good.
<lilmatt>	We just need mvl.
<ctalbert>	Does anyone else have feedback on the test day?
<ctalbert>	We also had a few new contributors this test day, which I am 
                excited about, especially since our publicity was so minimal.
<Bery>	        sorry I missed it :(
<ctalbert>	It's Ok. Now that we are developing a quorum of contributors, I 
                want to start thinking about holding these regularly, the way the
                firefox and thunderbird teams do.
<ctalbert>	I'm thinking perhaps twice a month.
<ctalbert>	What do people think about that?
<celina63>	good idea
<ctalbert>	I'll have to look at the remaining release schedule and see how 
                that will play out.
<celina63>	so like every other Tuesday or Wednesday, then can discuss during
                that week's QA Meeting
<ctalbert>	We've been doing them on Tuesdays, I think I'd like to keep that 
<ctalbert>	So, probably every other Tuesday.
<ctalbert>	Did the midnight to midnight time help/hurt anyone?
<ctalbert>	I'm sure our Japanese crew appreciated it. They had originally 
                asked for that.
<ctalbert>	I think we will probably also do more focussed testing with the 
                next test day. For example, specifically test Drag and Drop.
<ctalbert>	Thoughts?
<celina63>	I think the midnight to midnight may have messed me up some... 
                but then again, so did my plumbing issues :P
<celina63>	I like the idea of being more focused... but maybe more than one 
<celina63>	like, two or three (depending on the number of people, I suppose)
<ctalbert>	right.
<ctalbert>	We could even do fun things like split it into teams.
<ctalbert>	anyhow, are there any other comments on this past test day or 
                things you would like to see in the next?
-->|	Taliesin ( has joined #calendar-qa
<ctalbert>	Hi Taliesin, we're just discussing the test day. Do you have any 
                feedback on it?
<Taliesin>	not much more than what I left as comment on the bugs
<ctalbert>	ok, thanks.
<Taliesin>	one of them I really didn't understand what was the problem
<ctalbert>	Which bug was that?
<Taliesin>	just looking for it
<Taliesin>	bug 348517
<firebot>	Taliesin: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, RESO FIXED, Need icon (32x32) for new sliding 
alarm notification
<Taliesin>	what I was getting was not consistent with what was described
<Taliesin>	but I'm not tottaly sure I understood what was supposed to happen
-->|	mschroeder ( has joined #calendar-qa
<ssitter>	that was requested for bug 329676
<firebot>	ssitter: Bug 
enh, --, ---,, ASSI, Display alarm slider in addition to 
alarm popup dialog
<lilmatt>	The bug it depends on hasn't landed yet
<lilmatt>	so you won't see it
<lilmatt>	(bug 329676 is the one it depends on)
<lilmatt>	In the meantime we use that icon in the Add-ons Manager, and the 
                iMIP notification bar
<Taliesin>	ok
<Taliesin>	now it all makes sense
<Taliesin>	nothing else to add then
<ctalbert>	Ok.
<ctalbert>	Turning our attention to the Calendar-QA ToDo List: 
<ctalbert>	Knowing that we are about to release a 0.3 RC2 in the next few 
                days, let's make sure the list is adequate.
<ctalbert>	Is there anything that needs to be removed from the list?
<ctalbert>	I'll go through the QA Wanted bugs that folks have been testing 
                and remove them as needed.
<ctalbert>	(nice work, by the way)
<celina63>	perhaps move the "Upgrading from Sunbird 0.2" to the new testday 
<celina63>	of course, we don't have one yet... but something to note on 
                there to do when we *do*
<ctalbert>	ok. That sounds like a good idea
<celina63>	"recently" changed to "recent" :)
<ctalbert>	I've done the second to last item in the list, just forgot to 
                mark it off.
<celina63>	oh ok, then belay my last :D
<celina63>	do the blocking0.3 bugs still need to be checked, since we have 
                the RC?
<celina63>	if so, that should probably move up in priority
<ctalbert>	I think so. That is somewhat covered by the "verify bugs" item at
                the top of the page
<ctalbert>	I'll list them together.
<celina63>	ok
<ctalbert>	I've also done some printing tests. I'll add that.
* ctalbert	is really bad at updating this thing, evidently.
<ctalbert>	While I make these changes, is there anythign to add to the list?
<ctalbert>	No Additions?
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<celina63>	I can't think of any
<ctalbert>	I'm going to add an item to test some localizations that will be 
                available with the 0.3RC2.
<ctalbert>	Ok. Does anyone else have anything they'd like to discuss.
<ctalbert>	?
<ctalbert>	Okay, then if there's nothing else. I want to say THANKS! and I 
                declare the meeting to be over.
<ctalbert>	Thanks for helping with the test day, and coming to this