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[11:29]	<ctalbert>	We'll be starting the QA Chat in a few moments....
[11:34]	<ctalbert>	Ok. Let's get started with the QA Chat
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	The last test day on the 16th was a great success. 18
 bugs found, 208 testcases passed, 19 failed, 30 unclear.
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	The winner from the test day was.......matthaeus123.
 He ran 115 of the litmus cases, which put him firmly in the lead.
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	Second place would be thorn (aka omar_public) 
and third is Archaeopteryx
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	Congratulations all around on that. It was a 
great effort by everyone involved.
[11:38]	=-=	Fallen|away is now known as xFallenAngel
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	January 30th will be a giant test day. We need
 to bring a lot of attention to ourselves for it. That's when the first
 pass of timezone code will land, when the iTIP code will land etc.
[11:39]	<ctalbert>	I'll have to think about generating some buzz
 around that a little bit.
[11:40]	<ctalbert>	In order to get ready for that, we need to 
take a hard look at the 30 unclear litmus tests and put some effort 
into some timezone test cases. If anyone's interested in volunteering 
to help with that, let me or Damian know.
[11:40]	-->|	ulf_home ( 
has joined #calendar-qa
[11:40]	<ctalbert>	Hi Ulf
[11:40]	<ulf_home>	hi clint
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	I was just mentioning that the January 30th 
test day will be a very important one. At that test day we should 
have the first pass of the timezone code, the iTIP code, and a few 
other high priority fixes.
[11:42]	<xFallenAngel>	We could try to get an article up on
 I would volunteer to write it, but I am not the best writer
[11:43]	<xFallenAngel>	(I have to leave now though, I'll read the 
log on the wiki)
[11:43]	=-=	xFallenAngel is now known as Fallen|away
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	ok
[11:43]	<Archaeopteryx>	Fallen|away: i can help you
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	Awesome.
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	Thanks. I'll see if I can write something 
for the english media.
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	brb any comments from the test day?
[11:45]	<Archaeopteryx>	question about the next one with the new 
time zones
[11:46]	-->|	fheiss ( has 
joined #calendar-qa
[11:46]	<Archaeopteryx>	how do we check everything is correct? do 
we get a page with the event times in utc?
[11:46]	<fheiss>	is there a way to auto-save remote calendars
 (so I can view while off-line)?
[11:48]	<ctalbert>	ok I'm back something came up here at 
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	Archaeopteryx: We can verify it on the 
worldmeeting site:
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	fheiss: Not yet, that's a current issue...bug 
[11:49]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, download ics files before processing them
[11:50]	<ctalbert>	Ok. We have a lot of issues on both the QA 
Wanted list and the QA Discussion list. I doubt we'll get through 
them all before our time runs out, so let's move to that.
[11:51]	<ctalbert>	We'll start with the QA Discussion list:
[11:52]	<ctalbert>	bug 214042 is first
[11:52]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug enh, --, ---,, UNCO, Usability: reduce mouse movement by placing 
for-/backwards arrows near each other
[11:53]	<ctalbert>	Looks like Damian wants to set this to "wont fix"
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	I agree with jminta's comment, that it doesn't make 
sense to have arrows next to items that do the same thing.
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	Any other thoughts?
[11:54]	<fheiss>	and a web search seems to say that syncing 
google calendar and sunbird are not easy?
[11:55]	<mschroeder>	but it's true the arrows are not optimal
[11:55]	<ctalbert>	I agree. I think we should leave this open for 
some future UI decision. Perhaps the "polish" release...I think that was 
[11:55]	<mschroeder>	something like a pair of arrows on one side 
would be better
[11:55]	<ctalbert>	that's a good idea
[11:56]	<ctalbert>	Let's leave it open for now, I'll go ahead and 
confirm it (because we'd liek to fix it one of these days).
[11:56]	<mschroeder>	okay
[11:57]	<ctalbert>	bug 231670 is next
[11:57]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Selecting Neighboring Events In The Event
 List Pane Does Not Set The Correct Month In The Calendar B
[11:58]	<ctalbert>	Looks like we can WFM this one. We have two 
folks taht can't reproduce it.
[11:59]	<mschroeder>	that's okay
[11:59]	<ctalbert>	242486
[12:00]	<ctalbert>	I didn't think we had ability to email tasks
 in the current sunbird...
[12:01]	<ctalbert>	fheiss: a google calendar provider will be 
hopefully landing within a week, that will make syncing with google
 calendar much easier from sunbird.
[12:01]	<mschroeder>	we don't have it
[12:02]	<ctalbert>	Then this ought to stay open. I know we don't
 send them via iTIP yet... :-|
[12:02]	<mschroeder>	should we leave it unconfirmed?
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	For now. I'll ask dmose whether or not 
emailing tasks is on the horizon for 1.0
[12:03]	<fheiss>	ctalbert: oh, great.. this would be a plugin 
or in a new build?
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	an extension
[12:03]	<fheiss>	ctalbert: that's fantastic... thanks
[12:03]	<mschroeder>	okay
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	bug 243144
[12:03]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Editing any event causes all alarms to go off
[12:04]	<mschroeder>	it's a problem of not saving dismiss and snooze,
 I think
[12:05]	<ctalbert>	I think you may be right on that. I think we 
should leave that one open for more conclusive testing.
[12:05]	<mschroeder>	I think, there are other bugs on that issue
[12:05]	<ctalbert>	I think so too.
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	also, I think the next one is a dupe (273376)
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	I think one of th Sun guys is working on a search 
remote calendar dialog.
[12:06]	<bbbrowning>	yes, for *DAV there's already discussion of 
this in a couple of bugs
[12:07]	<ctalbert>	cool
[12:07]	<bbbrowning>	355270 and 306495
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	thanks
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	bug 287522
[12:08]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, UNCO, segfault on startup
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	I haven't seen this, but I don't test regularly on 
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	looks like he was on debian
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	leave it for testing
[12:10]	<mschroeder>	i think, it's invalid
[12:10]	<mschroeder>	but leaving open is okay
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	Why do you think it's invalid? (because perhaps 
we should mark it as such).
[12:12]	<bbbrowning>	I'd WFM it, given the age. I use current builds 
on debian regularly without segfaults.
[12:12]	<ctalbert>	Thanks bbbrowning
[12:12]	<mschroeder>	It's no configuration we support and if the reporter
 can't test it himself, it is not important.
[12:12]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: good point.
[12:12]	<ctalbert>	bbbrowning: Can you take a look at the next 
one? bug 288686, something to do with caldav....
[12:12]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, added categories do NOT accompany remote 
[12:12]	-->|	Fallen ( has joined 
[12:13]	<bbbrowning>	looking ...
[12:15]	<Fallen>	Anything interesting happen in the chat?
[12:15]	<bbbrowning>	It's not clear to me how you'd actually make 
that work in caldav. can report back on it next week
[12:16]	<ctalbert>	ok. Thanks.
[12:16]	<ctalbert>	Fallen, we're going through the QA Discussion 
[12:16]	<Fallen>	ah
[12:16]	<ctalbert>	The next one is bug 296563
[12:16]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Events this calendar month should use 
selected month not current
[12:17]	<ctalbert>	Should "Events in this calendar month" 
show you events in your current month (i.e. January) or should 
it be in the *selected* month of the view
[12:17]	<ctalbert>	To me, it sounds like it should show you 
events in your current, calendar month, January.
[12:17]	<ctalbert>	What do you think?
[12:18]	<Fallen>	I think there should either be two itemms 
for that, but if not then the current month January
[12:18]	<ctalbert>	Right, if there were a "show events in 
selected month" as well...
[12:20]	<ctalbert>	I think we should check with jminta about
 whether or not he intends to put end time in the month view for
 bug 307892
[12:20]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug enh, --, ---,, UNCO, New event 'End Time' not showing on screen, 
very useful for printing too!!
[12:20]	* ctalbert	doesn't think any other application does that.
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	We have ten minutes left
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	We aren't going to make it through all the 
discussion bugs, and we haven't started the QA Wanted yet.
[12:21]	<ctalbert>	Does anyone have a bug that they need discussed? 
Either a QA Wanted bug or a QA Discussion bug? or some other issue?
[12:22]	<ctalbert>	I'd like to use the last ten minutes on any 
bug that's blocking folks that are here....
[12:22]	|<--	fheiss has left (Quit: Leaving)
[12:23]	<mschroeder>	Fallen has some short things to report, I think.
[12:23]	* ctalbert	imagines him typing furiously on his cell phone
[12:24]	<mschroeder>	I told me these things. :)
[12:24]	<mschroeder>	Bug 365812: Working on it. Contacted Sean, he 
gave me a link which seems ok now, contacted him shortly, awaiting 
[12:24]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Time zone error from a Google calendar
[12:24]	<mschroeder>	and the second one
[12:24]	<mschroeder>	Another small thing he came across, bug 278152 
seems to be invalid since that function is not in the newest build, just 
wanted to make sure I am not missing anything.
[12:24]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, A relative calendar path causes an ugly 
error when you try to publish.
[12:25]	<mschroeder>	Fallen told me to report these things.
[12:26]	<ctalbert>	I'll check into 278152 and see if I can mark it 
as invalid then.
[12:26]	<ctalbert>	I encourage everyone to go through the QA Wanted 
and QA Discussion list and see if we can clear some of these out of here.
 Our QA Wanted list is getting long again.
[12:27]	<mschroeder>	231724, 252387 are invalid because we have no 
vCalendar import and export in latest builds
[12:27]	<ctalbert>	true.
[12:28]	<ctalbert>	I was able to fix my parents computer without
 a windows restore, so I wasn't able to test 361800 last weekend
[12:28]	<firebot> set the Resolution
 field on bug 231724 to INVALID.
[12:28]	<firebot>	Bug
 nor, --, ---,, RESO INVALID, Exporting vCalendar file 
format incompatible with some external devices
[12:29]	<firebot> set the Resolution 
field on bug 252387 to INVALID.
[12:29]	<firebot>	Bug 
nor, --, ---,, RESO INVALID, vCal files are in format 2.0 
which is not accepted by Palm Desktop
[12:29]	<ctalbert>	thanks mschroeder ^^
[12:30]	-->|	Archaenix (itsme@DB2F5EC9.3F3B6298.34DB2EEE.IP) has joined 
[12:30]	<ctalbert>	All right, we're out of time. Keep up the good work.
[12:30]	|<--	Archaeopteryx has left (Ping timeout)
[12:30]	<mschroeder>	Bug 363244 is invalid in my opinion, it makes absolutly 
no sense.
[12:30]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug nor, --, ---,, UNCO, exported calender file (.ics) keeps coming 
back after being deleted & Sunbird uninstalled
[12:30]	<ctalbert>	let me see...
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	very odod
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	odd
[12:31]	<firebot> set the 
Resolution field on bug 286423 to INVALID.
[12:31]	<firebot>	Bug
 nor, --, ---,, RESO INVALID, Import of .VCS file attachment
 from Thunderbird only gets part of Notes section [paste vcalendar 1.0
[12:32]	<ctalbert>	no it doesn't make any sense, but since it's a 
recent bug, I'll at least attempt to reproduce it before marking it as 
invalid or "out of our hands"
[12:33]	<mschroeder>	okay :)
[12:33]	|<--	Fallen has left (Quit: My damn controlling
 terminal disappeared!)
[12:34]	<firebot> cancelled 
first-review?( for attachment 251928 on bug 312084.
[12:34]	<firebot>	Bug 
nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Printing shouldn't use a tempfile
[12:34]	<ctalbert>	Ok. I'm going to have to leave the "chat" here at the
 moment. I've got a bunch of non-mozilla work clamoring for attention over 
[12:34]	<ctalbert>	Thanks a lot everyone!