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[11:28]	<ctalbert>	We will start the QA Chat in just a moment.
[11:33]	<ctalbert>	Ok, let's get started.
[11:33]	<ctalbert>	Welcome everyone
[11:33]	<ctalbert>	The agenda is at:
[11:34]	-->|	ulf ( has joined #calendar-qa
[11:34]	<ctalbert>	We have a test day tomorrow. I realize that it's probably 
very inconvenient to have a test day on Friday, but it was the only day open to
 us. It will be a normal 12 hour length test day. The information about it is 
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	We'll be checking the timezone fixes, and the localizations 
for the0.3.1 release.
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	If all goes well tomorrow, then 0.3.1 will probably be 
released early next week.
[11:35]	<xFallenAngel>	*claps*
[11:35]	<ctalbert>	I've been running it a little over the last few days and 
have not found any new issues. :-)
[11:37]	<ctalbert>	That's about all the news I have at the moment.
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	After the test day tomorrow, we will be taking a couple 
weeks off from test days. After tomorrow, the next test day will either be the 
29th or the 5th.
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	oh wait, i'm looking at january...
[11:38]	<ctalbert>	ah...that makes more sense, it will be the 27th.
[11:39]	* ctalbert	learns how to use a calendar
[11:39]	<ctalbert>	Hopefully by then some of the big patches will have time to
 land, like the google calendar provider, the new views, maybe even iTIP
[11:40]	<ctalbert>	s/new views/view enhancements
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	Ok. Let's go on to the QA Discussion needed List:
[11:41]	<Sebo>	do you have a bug number for view enhancements?
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	There is only one bug: bug 348892
[11:41]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, ASSI, Need a published calendar for Calendar 
Project Events
[11:41]	<ctalbert>	yes, one moment.
[11:42]	<mschroeder>	I moved this bug from qawanted (marked by damian) to qa 
discussion needed.
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	bug 368982
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	Sebo ^^
[11:42]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 enh, --, ---,, NEW, visual enhancements for calendar 
 event boxes
[11:42]	<Sebo>	thanks!
[11:42]	<ctalbert>	np
[11:42]	<xFallenAngel>	wow looks nice
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, I'm very excited about the view update.
[11:43]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: bug 348892 (the qa discussion bug) is another news item.
[11:43]	<mschroeder>	i know :)
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	Yesterday xFallenAngel and I put together a google calendar
 to use for the entire calendar project. There is a link to that calendar in 
 the bug. We're waiting on the official approval to go live with it.
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	But, in the meantime, I'll endeavor to keep that calendar 
as up to date as I can.
[11:44]	<xFallenAngel>	matthaeus123 is right, rss is possible, I haven't 
thought of that. 
Check out
[11:44]	<mschroeder>	I'll remove the [aq]
[11:44]	<ctalbert>	Thanks
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	that is sweet
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	I won't have to write any more blog entries! hahaha
[11:45]	<ctalbert>	Okay, on to QAWanted
[11:46]	<ctalbert>	We have 18 of them. Not too bad.
[11:46]	<ctalbert>	The first one is 255995 - any updates on this?
[11:47]	<xFallenAngel>	I still haven't had time to test the deflate mod, but 
its still available under
[11:47]	<ctalbert>	What do you have to do to test this? Just create a calendar
 in that location?
[11:48]	<xFallenAngel>	basically yes. It says we should "reload remote 
calendars on startup", this is done automatically anyway.
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	I'll give it a shot later.
[11:49]	<xFallenAngel>	create calendar (maybe externally) + restart
[11:49]	<ctalbert>	cool. Next up is bug 277941
[11:49]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, FTP password pops up every time I make
 an addition to my calendar.
[11:50]	<ctalbert>	Looks like it might already be confirmed, per comment 6. 
I might be able to try it out tomorrow. I'm setting up my newly reinstalled 
linux box with DAV and FTP etc today.
[11:51]	<ctalbert>	Bug 285779 is next
[11:51]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
min, --, ---,, UNCO, Problems updating with distributed 
calendar using tomcat webdav
[11:51]	<xFallenAngel>	wait :) I haven't had that problem, at least with my 
ftp server and sunbird. I haven't had time to get thunderbird ready for testing,
 maybe its specific to that (#4 dosen't specify a build id)
[11:52]	<xFallenAngel>	(that was regarding 277941)
[11:52]	<xFallenAngel>	that == lightning
[11:52]	<Sebo>	I just tried with lightning + ftp --> no prob
[11:53]	<mschroeder>	277941: maybe this happens with a htaccess file on the 
ftp (see comment #3)
[11:53]	<ctalbert>	On 277941, the original problem was calendar extension and 
firefox. The guy in comment 6 evidently used sunbird
[11:54]	<ctalbert>	oh wait, both sunbird and lightning
[11:54]	<xFallenAngel>	mschroeder: a htaccess file? I thought that was only 
honored by web servers?
[11:55]	<mschroeder>	i only read what jminta stated in comment#3
[11:55]	<mschroeder>	but you're right
[11:58]	<ctalbert>, we have one person who sees the problem, and none 
of us do.
[11:58]	<xFallenAngel>	I say see what ctalbert finds out tomorrow, and/or 
otherwise mark as WFM
[11:58]	<Sebo>	I used ftp://user@server maybe there is a difference to using 
just ftp://server...
[11:59]	<ctalbert>	yeah, I doubt I would find anything different than you and 
Sebo, but let's do that. I'll see what I find tomorrow.
[11:59]	<ctalbert>	So...on to 285779, more webdav
[12:00]	<ctalbert>	Isn't this solved by the "automatic refresh" preference 
that was recently added to the codebase?
[12:01]	<xFallenAngel>	Yes, I think so. Also, this is on sunbird 0.2, which 
is pretty old :)
[12:01]	<Sebo>	it should be solved - and its quite old
[12:01]	<Sebo>	hehe
[12:02]	<xFallenAngel>	I tried to find the webdav server of tomcat, I couldn't. 
I do have tomcat installed on my server, bu I never found anything about webdav there
[12:02]	<ctalbert>	Let's mark as WFM and ask them to retest with a current 
[12:02]	<Sebo>	the cosmo thing runs with tomcat, I think
[12:02]	<xFallenAngel>	but thats caldav
[12:02]	<ctalbert>	rather, ask them to re-open if they can still reproduce the 
issue with a current build
[12:03]	<ctalbert>	Bug 286680 is next up with more webdav fun
[12:03]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
cri, --, ---,, UNCO, webdav ics file blank after succesfully 
[12:04]	-->|	nightrat ( has joined 
[12:04]	<ctalbert>	hi Nightrat: we're going through the QAWanted list at the 
moment. You can find it here:
[12:05]	<xFallenAngel>	I believe this may be something wrongly configured on 
his server, I cannot imagine what should "blank" the file and then magically restore it
[12:05]	<ctalbert>	Bug 286680 is another old one
[12:05]	<nightrat>	hi ctalbert, thanks
[12:05]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, I'm thinking WFM this one too, considering its age.
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	(and lack of comments and dupes)
[12:06]	<xFallenAngel>	If we want to be helpful, ask him to post his mod_dav 
configuration, if he uses different users, etc. But I'm fine with WFM too
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	Well, let's do that first.
[12:06]	<xFallenAngel>	I'll do that
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	If this is still an issue, it's a bad issue.
[12:06]	<ctalbert>	Thankx
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	Bug 295633 is next. I don't have a linux PPC machine to test on.
[12:08]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 cri, --, ---,, UNCO, "New Event" freezes Sunbird
[12:08]	<ctalbert>	I recommend asking the reporter to reproduce this issue with
 a current build.
[12:09]	<ctalbert>	Next, bug 309490
[12:09]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Sharing non private events with OpenGroupware
 Calendar, events disappear from local calendar when i
[12:10]	<ctalbert>	I believe there was an issue with OpenGroupWare and our 
timezone definitions. They needed the TZDef's at the end or the beginning of 
the file, and generally did the opposite.
[12:11]	<ctalbert>	I wonder if that could be his problem if the remtoe calendar 
he is publishing to is an ICS calendar
[12:12]	<Sebo>	well, if he sees his calendar in the first place, it should 
be another problem
[12:13]	<Sebo>	I have the feeling, that his ics-file is generated on the 
fly and maybe only includes private events???
[12:13]	<ctalbert>	That's an interesting theory
[12:14]	<Sebo>	its probably too simple
[12:14]	<ctalbert>	Let's see if we can get him to try it again with a recent 
nightly. The calendar link still seems to work, but I don't know what to use 
for authentication
[12:14]	<xFallenAngel>	Also, tell him to includ js console messages
[12:15]	<ctalbert>	+1
[12:15]	<ctalbert>	Bug 311516 is next
[12:15]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Sunbird stops working when trying to open
 from network drive
[12:15]	<firebot> set the Resolution field on bug 286680 
[12:15]	<firebot>	Bug cri,
 --, ---,, RESO WORKSFORME, webdav ics file blank after 
 succesfully subscribing
[12:16]	<xFallenAngel>	hey that was quick
[12:17]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, but unhelpful. --> comment 3 on 286680
[12:17]	<xFallenAngel>	yeah... Should I try to convince him to give it a try?
[12:18]	<ctalbert>	Go for it, if you want. It'd be worth it to get better 
[12:19]	<ctalbert>	But you're probably fighting an uphill battle.
[12:19]	<xFallenAngel>	thats ok, I have enough energy for one more comment :)
[12:19]	<ctalbert>	:-) I may add a comment on it too. I'm drawn to uphill battles. ;-)
[12:19]	<ctalbert>	Bug 311516
[12:20]	<ctalbert>	This one looks pretty simple to test. I'll do it in a bit.
[12:20]	<ctalbert>	Bug 320362 is next
[12:20]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Unable to subscribe to remote calendar
[12:22]	<Sebo>	311516: I think it is not yet supported to open ics file with 
[12:23]	<ctalbert>	Do you meant to open it over the network?
[12:24]	<Sebo>	no I mean to right click on ics file and say "open with sunbird"
[12:24]	<Sebo>	no matter if network or local
[12:24]	<ctalbert>	That was recently fixed (or attempted to be fixed) -- within 
the last few days.
[12:24]	<Sebo>	i know..
[12:24]	<ctalbert>	Ah...
[12:26]	<Sebo>	anyway, i just tried with network drive using file://n/something 
and that works fine
[12:26]	<ctalbert>	I understand now. (sorry, I'm a little slow today). We may 
want to reopen that bug then. Did you associate the file via the control panel->Internet 
options->Programs tab?
[12:27]	<Sebo>	now I dont understand. Are you talking about 311516 ?
[12:28]	<firebot> granted second-review for attachment 253119 
on bug 367157.
[12:28]	<firebot>	Bug min,
 --, ---,, ASSI, Cannot uncheck migrators on 
 data migration wizard
[12:28]	<ctalbert>	That last comment refers to the new "register sunbird as a 
default application to handle ICS files" on windows bug (the one that was just fixed)
[12:30]	<xFallenAngel>	(which are the current "latest" nightlies, I don't quite 
remember. were they in latest-mozilla1.8? 0.3.1 is getting me confused ;)
[12:30]	<Sebo>	no, on trunk
[12:30]	<ctalbert>	latest nightlies for lightning --> trunk
[12:30]	<xFallenAngel>	in latest-trunk there is only 0.3.1
[12:30]	<ctalbert>	latest nightlies for sunbird -->branch
[12:30]	<xFallenAngel>	ah yes :)
[12:30]	<ctalbert>	Does that help?
[12:31]	<xFallenAngel>	yeah
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	Sebo, since 311516 is primarily about finding a way to share 
a calendar via a mapped drive, and you've verified it, can you post a comment 
to the bug and mark it as WFM.
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	?
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	please?
[12:31]	<Sebo>	sure
[12:31]	<ctalbert>	thx
[12:32]	<firebot> granted second-review for attachment 253721 
on bug 367170.
[12:32]	<firebot>	Bug cri, 
--, ---,, NEW, Thunderbird crashed when I entered calendar's 
URL in the Location field
[12:32]	<ctalbert>	I think we are nearly out of time. We got about half way 
through them, which is good.
[12:32]	<ctalbert>	Does anyone have anything else they would like to discuss?
[12:33]	<xFallenAngel>	I don't :)
[12:33]	<ctalbert>	thanks.
[12:34]	<ctalbert>	Ok. I'll go on and mark the QA Chat as ended. If you have 
time and want to continue walking through the QAWanted list, I'd be willing to 
keep going.
[12:35]	<ctalbert>	The you up there ^^ is plural and refers to everyone...
[12:36]	<ctalbert>	No takers? That's ok.
[12:36]	<mschroeder>	okay
[12:36]	<ctalbert>	OOh!
[12:36]	<Archaeopteryx>	bug 368737 could be closed
[12:36]	<firebot>	Archaeopteryx: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, NEW, Calendar view/pane does not show / display 
events (are missing) / stops working
[12:36]	<Archaeopteryx>	i would reopen it if i had the problem again
[12:37]	<ctalbert>	Woah, that sounds serious. Why should it be closed?
[12:37]	<ctalbert>	Oh, ok. You filed it.
[12:37]	<--|	Andreas has left #calendar-qa
[12:37]	<Archaeopteryx>	because i tried reproducing and haven't managed it. no 
data is lost
[12:37]	<firebot> set the Resolution field
 on bug 311516 to WORKSFORME.
[12:37]	<firebot>	Bug nor,
 --, ---,, RESO WORKSFORME, Sunbird stops working when trying
 to open from network drive
[12:38]	<ctalbert>	Archaeopteryx: Ok. You can go ahead and close it.
[12:38]	<Archaeopteryx>	but ok, let it two weeks after 0.3.1 open and we will
 see if someone else sees this
[12:38]	<ctalbert>	that sounds fine.
[12:39]	<mschroeder>	Next one is bug 320362?
[12:39]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug
 maj, --, ---,, UNCO, Unable to subscribe to remote calendar
[12:39]	<ctalbert>	yep, that's next
[12:39]	<ctalbert>	oh wait, I'm in the middle of replying to the guy in comment
 13 to get more information.
[12:40]	<mschroeder>	okay :)
[12:40]	<ctalbert>	Let's see if we can get more information from him, maybe 
have him retest it.
[12:40]	<ctalbert>	bug 339960
[12:40]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, event editor adds 2 hours to time when 
saving to webdav
[12:42]	<mschroeder>	this sounds impossible.
[12:43]	<ctalbert>	The most likely case where this would happen would be if we 
somehow lost the timezone definitions for his calendar, and converted everything 
to our "utc floating" fallback.
[12:43]	<ctalbert>	We need an OpenXChange Webdav server.
[12:43]	<ctalbert>	Maybe I can try that install on my nifty new linux box.
[12:43]	<Sebo>	other possibility: openXchange does not recognize our timezone
[12:43]	<mschroeder>	also for Bug 369076
[12:43]	<firebot>	mschroeder: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, webdav calendar open-xchange - events 
not deleted
[12:44]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, I hesititate it to mark it WFM because we are getting 
a few OpenXChange related issues trickling in. Sebo: good point.
[12:45]	<Sebo>	I will ask him for an ics file
[12:45]	<ctalbert>	okay
[12:46]	<ctalbert>	Bug 340488 is next.
[12:46]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, birthday's listed double after upgrade 
to a new sunbird version
[12:46]	=-=	ulf is now known as ulf|away
[12:46]	<ctalbert>	I will try this tomorrow as part of the test day. I'll upgrade
 from 0.2 to 0.3.1, and see what happens.
[12:47]	<mschroeder>	okay
[12:47]	<ctalbert>	Bug 349641
[12:47]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, UNCO, lightning extension asks for master 
 password again
[12:48]	<ctalbert>	I wonder if this one might be a Tbird 1.5.x issue.
[12:48]	<ctalbert>	I've been running Lightning 0.3 on Thunderbird since we released 
it and have not had this problem (neither on my 1.5.x or on 2.0) and I use a 
master password.
[12:48]	<mschroeder>	i don't use master password
[12:48]	<Sebo>	me neither
[12:49]	<ctalbert>	But, I upgraded to 2.x nightlies a long time ago, so I don't 
remember 1.5.x very well.
[12:49]	* Archaeopteryx	also not
[12:50]	<ctalbert>	Hmm...I have been running on a mac all this time. Let's try 
this one tomorrow with tbird 1.5.9/tbird 2b2 and LTN 0.3.1
[12:50]	<ctalbert>	It should be pretty simple to test
[12:50]	<Sebo>	is it in 0.3.1?
[12:51]	<ctalbert>	It's been reported against both 0.3 and 0.4a1, so I'd like to 
know if it is in 0.3.1 or not.
[12:51]	<Sebo>	I dont remember...
[12:52]	<Sebo>	you are right, it should be
[12:52]	<firebot> cancelled second-review?( 
for attachment 243550 on bug 358110.
[12:52]	<firebot>	Bug nor, 
--, Sunbird 0.5,, ASSI, Mac: Sunbird should be registered 
for ICS files and webcal[s] URLs
[12:52]	<ctalbert>	Bug 351459 is up
[12:52]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Calendar displays in 12 hour format; no 
option to change to 24 hour
[12:53]	<mschroeder>	we need someone with kubuntu
[12:54]	<ctalbert>	Is it substantially different from ubuntu? I just installed 
[12:54]	<ctalbert>	Of course, I haven't done anything with it yet, I could reinstall 
pretty easily
[12:54]	=-=	eor|afk is now known as eor
[12:54]	<mschroeder>	Can KDE influence the date format?
[12:55]	<ctalbert>	good question. I dunno.
[12:55]	<Sebo>	I would guess so
[12:55]	<ctalbert>	I'll reinstall and use Kubuntu
[12:55]	<ctalbert>	maybe I can dual boot
[12:56]	<ctalbert>	Bug 356269 is next, and seems odd...
[12:56]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, localization will not work Lightning are 
always english
[12:57]	<mschroeder>	that's something for the testday tomorrow
[12:57]	<ctalbert>	definitely
[12:58]	<ctalbert>	Especially the part in comment 7 where it switches back to 
English. That would be very annoying.
[12:58]	* ctalbert	tries to imagine my install suddenly switching to German
[12:58]	<mschroeder>	:)
[12:59]	<ctalbert>	Bug 356382 is next.
[12:59]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Import from Palm Pilot (jpilot export)
[12:59]	<Sebo>	hehe - it will force you to learn German
[12:59]	<ctalbert>	Sebo: Maybe that would be good. If I'm going to be there in 
a month or two....
[12:59]	<mschroeder>	No response from reporter so far.
[13:00]	<ctalbert>	mschroeder: I see that. :-(
[13:01]	<ctalbert>	I'm going to ask again, threaten to unmark QAWanted if he doesn't 
send us an ICS file -- there won't be much we can do on it unless we aquire some 
palm pilots
[13:01]	<mschroeder>	We should create a spin-off bug for "Only one beep, even 
for 1000 missed appointments."
[13:02]	<ctalbert>	I agree. I can't remember if that is already filed or not. 
Will you look into it?
[13:03]	<mschroeder>	okay
[13:05]	<ctalbert>	Thanks! The infamous bug 361800 is next
[13:05]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
nor, --, ---,, UNCO, Windows Restore causes events to disappear
[13:05]	<ctalbert>	Googling turned up this page:
[13:06]	<ctalbert>	Which if you read through basically says in order to not 
lose your data you need to back up the "Application Data" directory when doing 
a windows restore.
[13:07]	<ctalbert>	They recommend archiving everything from Documents and Settings,
 so that would include our profile directory. This poor person probably didn't 
 know that before they did the system restore
[13:07]	<mschroeder>	is a "system restore" the same as a reinstall?
[13:08]	<ctalbert>	It brings the system back to a prior state. Reading through 
the bug again, he didn't do a Vendor Restore, which would take your machine back 
to its factory state.
[13:09]	<ctalbert>	He actually created a Restore Point and restored from there. 
THat's a little different. I will try this on a VM system and see what happens. 
I had thought he did a Vendor Restore.
[13:09]	<mschroeder>	okay
[13:09]	<ctalbert>	Bug 367378 is next and looks familiar
[13:10]	<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug 
maj, --, ---,, UNCO, creating an event which occures after 
the daylight saving shift, make view 1 hour off
[13:11]	<ctalbert>	Let's try this one tomorrow with 0.3.1 before we mark it as
 a duplicate.
[13:11]	<ctalbert>	I say this because Asia/Jerusalem has very odd DST rules.
[13:11]	<Sebo>	this would be bad
[13:11]	<ctalbert>	I think they base the DST change off a lunar calendar or
[13:12]	<Sebo>	the attached ics calendar does not have DST
[13:12]	<Sebo>	so, yes the timezone rule is wrong
[13:13]	<ctalbert>	I wonder if our more complete timezone database that is in 
0.3.1 will fix it
[13:13]	<ctalbert>	It probably won't upgrade the event correctly, but a new 
event in that timezone that is created by 0.3.1 might be ok.
[13:14]	* ctalbert	will check this one today after lunch -- we need to know 
ASAP if there is a problem there.
[13:14]	<Sebo>	as I read it in 
there is still no DST
[13:15]	<ctalbert>	Sebo this looks bad
[13:15]	<Sebo>	yeah
[13:15]	* ctalbert	checks online
[13:16]	<ctalbert>	Guys:
[13:16]	<ctalbert>	DST starts March 30, 2007
[13:17]	<Sebo>	I wonder how many other mistakes there possibly could be :-(
[13:17]	<ctalbert>	This one might be the same as the Australia/Perth problem. 
The DST rule was too complex and Vzic didn't convert it.
[13:18]	<ctalbert>	Yeah, there's only one way to find out. Brute force timezone 
[13:18]	<ctalbert>	There was a guy who offered to write some automation for this. 
But I don't think he can do it before tomorrow.
[13:18]	<ctalbert>	lilmatt: ping
[13:18]	<ctalbert>	Let's go on. I'll raise this issue with lilmatt
[13:19]	<ctalbert>	Oh, there are only two left. We already talked about 368737,
 so 369076 is next
[13:19]	<ctalbert>	doh, we talked about that one too
[13:19]	<ctalbert>	Ok.
[13:20]	<Sebo>	finished?
[13:20]	<ctalbert>	Back to timezone testing. I can go through the tzdata.c file
 and check it agianst the WorldMeeting site. That might be good to give us an 
 indication if any other timezones were truncated by VZic
[13:20]	<ctalbert>	Sebo: yes
[13:21]	<ctalbert>	That would probably be the most expedient check that we could do
[13:21]	<ctalbert>	Thanks for your help going through these today, folks