Calendar:QA Chat:2006-09-14 Log

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<nightrat>	hi all
<ctalbert>	hi
<ssitter>	hi nightrat
<ctalbert>	My watch says it's time
<ctalbert>	Here is a link to today's talking points:
<ctalbert>	Welcome everyone to the Calendar:QA Chat
<ctalbert>	Anyone want to post the notes from the meeting to the wiki page 
<ctalbert>	Ok. I'll do that
<ctalbert>	To recap on the week there have been 45 new bugs opened, there 
has been a swath of test cleanup and new test case development in Litmus.
<ctalbert>	We used the Calendar QA TODO list for the first time.
<ctalbert>	I have been swamped by my "real" job this week and have not been
 very active, myself.
<ctalbert>	Did the Calendar QA TODO list
( proove to be useful to anyone?
<ctalbert>	I was thinking it needed some kind of an "Accomplishment" 
<ctalbert>	A place where whoever worked on a task and edit the wiki and 
report on what they did within that task.
<ctalbert>	For example, you could say "tested upgrade from 0.3a2 sunbird to 
0.3 and filed bug xxxx,xxxx"
<ctalbert>	Any thoughts?
<ssitter>	yes, it's not clear at the moment if anybody did something grom 
that list
<ctalbert>	True. In talking with people, I think some folk found it useful, 
but I'm not sure if they actually acted on anything. Unfortunately, none of those
 people are here atm.
<ctalbert>	while we're looking at things, Sebo posted a question to the 
list. Are bug 348479 and bug 343721 still "qawanted"
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 tri, --, ---,, NEW, error when switching "Workweek days only"
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Password prompt required on start for 
each remote webdav calendar
<ssitter>	maybe convert the list to a table that have columns for completed
 or comments etc.
<ssitter>	so that testers see that they can/should add something
<ctalbert>	ssitter: I think that's what I'll do.
<ctalbert>	What do people think about these two bugs?
<ctalbert>	Still qawanted or not?
<ctalbert>	Bug 343721 has a patch submitted for it.
<ctalbert>	And it looks like Sebo was able to reproduce the issue for 348479
<ssitter>	bug 348479 has STR and is confirmed so qawanted can be removed
<ctalbert>	Ok. done. How do you feel about bug 343721?
<firebot>	ctalbert: Bug
 nor, --, ---,, NEW, Password prompt required on start for 
each remote webdav calendar
<ssitter>	I'd say remove the flag
<ctalbert>	I tend to agree...removing
<ctalbert>	Ok. As far as creating next week's To-Do list, I'd be in favor of
 keeping most of the items from this week on it.
<ctalbert>	I don't think generic branding testcases made it into litmus, but
 I think some alarm ones did.
<ctalbert>	Is there anything new that should go on the list for next week?
<ctalbert>	Anyone know if dmose has decided on the date for the RC?
<ctalbert>	Should anything be removed from the To-Do list?
<ctalbert>	I'm going to check into the alarm litmus testcases that got 
created and see if more needs to be done there or not.
<ctalbert>	In general, I'll be working with Litmus tomorrow morning, trying 
to get some new testcases in there and making sure everything still works.
<ctalbert>	I think I saw the old cache bug creeping back into it yesterday.
<ctalbert>	So, no ideas to for things to add or remove from the To-Do list?
<ctalbert>	I want to start thinking about the next test day.
<ctalbert>	I'm not sure when to have it.
<ctalbert>	What do people think about next Tuesday (19th).
<ctalbert>	It would be easier to recruit people if the test day were held in
 order to test the release candidate.
<ssitter>	would make sense if most blockers are fixed and RC1 is out
* ctalbert	nods
<lilmatt>	ctalbert: I'll be flying the next day, so it'll be tough for me 
to fix bugs that come in immediately :)
<ctalbert>	Yeah, but the week after that is the big calconnect conference, 
and it will be difficult to get anyone's bandwidth then.
<ctalbert>	I'll ask dmose what his thoughts are about RC1's timing.
<ctalbert>	And then we'll decide when to have the test day
<ctalbert>	Anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
<lilmatt>	ctalbert: Ignore me. I'll be at MoCo immedately after so I 
can work on bugs then
<ctalbert>	lilmatt: good point.
<firebot> requested blocking0.3 from the wind on bug
<firebot>	Bug nor, --, 
---,, NEW, repaint problem in calendar tabpage when deleting a
<ctalbert>	Alright, then I guess we're done. Thanks to everyone for 
attending and helping out.
<ssitter>	how about bumping version to e.g. 0.3b1 for RC1? This way we 
could test some of the update/upgrade stuff (including tinderboxes)
<lilmatt>	...and turn on official banding
<lilmatt>	r
<ctalbert>	That's an interesting idea.
<ctalbert>	I think it's a good idea.
<lilmatt>	Once dmose gets in to the office we can dicsuss
<lilmatt>	discuss
<lilmatt>	(good grief that's a bad typo)
<ctalbert>	Let's do that. there's a lot to talk to him about.
<ssitter>	might be non-official branding too because there will be at least
 one more RC (the one with 0.3) ;-)
<lilmatt>	Right, but I want to find any official-branding errors like what 
you found on windows
<ctalbert>	I'd rather go official pre-0.3
<ctalbert>	for that reason