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<ctalbert>      Okay, the agenda is short for today's chat.
<ctalbert>      I would assign the notetaker to be lilmatt, but he's not here. :-(
<ctalbert>      Any volunteers?
<ctalbert>      ok I'll work on it and assign it to lilmatt when I see him next (he's "volunteered" me to be the notetaker in the other meeting for the last three.).
<ctalbert>      We have the test day coming up on the 31st. Next Tuesday.
<ctalbert>      The wiki for it is here:
<ctalbert>      We will be mostly confirming the many unconfirmed calendar bugs in bugzilla. This is necessary because it will free up our time so that we can spend more quality time testing the new features that will be landing for 0.5
<ctalbert>      If there's anything that anyone can do to get the word out about our test day, that would be very appreciated.
<ctalbert>      For this one to be a success, we'll need a lot of help.
<ctalbert>      Any questions about the test day?
<nightrat>      i can announce the test day on the german weblog of, my website of the german translation
<ctalbert>      nightrat, that would be wonderful! Thanks.
<nightrat>      np :-)
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<ctalbert>      Hi Sebo
<ctalbert>      We just finished talking about the test day.
<Sebo>  hi, is the chat going on?
<ctalbert>      yes
<Sebo>  sorry, I had some duties
<ctalbert>      No problem.
<ctalbert>      We have the test day wiki completed, and nightrat will help publicize the test day on his german blog
<ctalbert>      So, now, I think we move on to the QA Wanted bugs to review.
<ctalbert>      I have to admit I haven't touched any of these since last week.
<Sebo>  same with me :-(
<ctalbert>      I think that if we get time over the next few days, the thing to do is to look into the "NEW" qawanted bugs.
<ctalbert>      Let's handle the "UNCONFIRMED" QAwanted bugs as part of the test day on Tuesday.
<ctalbert>      That leaves us 6 to address
<Sebo>  ah, I was not sure what to do in bug 327990
<firebot>       Sebo: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, rationalize calICalendar deleteItem and modifyItem w.r.t. occurrences
* ctalbert      looks
<ctalbert>      egad. I'll go ask lilmatt when he logs in about this one.
<Sebo>  egad?
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<ctalbert>      It's an expression. means something like "Yuck" in this case.
<ctalbert>      Or *groan*
<Sebo>  I'm still learning all these abreviations...
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<ctalbert>      I still have a lot of German to learn :-)
<ctalbert>      abschicken!
<Sebo>  los!
<celina63>      I'll review the log later.... sorry, got to go to an interview
<ctalbert>      anyhow, I'll ask matt about this bug. We need to figure out how in the world to reproduce this.
<Sebo>  ok
<Sebo>  Its also not clear what to do on the printing bugs
<Sebo>  I guess there is more input needed from other people
<ctalbert>      Right. I can re-confirm the Print fails on first time bug on windows yet again.
<Sebo>  this has been confirmed a lot of times now, is anybody not seeing it?
<ctalbert>      I don't think so. And no one seems to see it on non-windows boxes. I think we should ask lilmatt if we can clear the qawanted flag on this one.
<Sebo>  yes, probably
<ctalbert>      And I think the "print on linux" bug is different from the "print on windows" bug, because the print on windows issue is completely silent, whereas the print on linux causes a window and console messages to popup. Furthermore, it is rather well known that there are print issues like these with the mozilla system on linux.
<ctalbert>      I'll add comments to these three bugs.
<ctalbert>      That way I don't have to remember to ask Matt all these things when he arrives today
<ctalbert>      sebo do you still have your FTP servers around?
<Sebo>  yes, it is running for testing
<ctalbert>      I'm looking at this bug 249796
<firebot>       ctalbert: Bug maj, --, ---,, NEW, I am unable to configure user/password when wanting to publish my calendar to a remote location
<ctalbert>      It looks like all we need to do here is try to recreate the bug on a recent nightly and see if it is still a problem.
<ctalbert>      Can you try it out with your FTP server?
<Sebo>  is this an ftp issue (still reading)
<ctalbert>      I think so. If you look at the image he attached, he's trying to publish to an ftp server.
<ctalbert>      Also, toward the end they talk more about ftp
<Sebo>  yes, thats true
<Sebo>  I will test it, and if anybody wants to test it, I will tell him the server address
<ctalbert>      The original bug came about because the old Sunbird (0.2) did not have all the FTP networking components installed by default (hence the chrome.rdf patch).
<ctalbert>      So, it probably works now.
<ctalbert>      Thanks sebo
<ctalbert>      Looks like 353722 needs just general testing and needs to be determined whether or not it is a dup of bug 268042. We can leave that for the test day.
<firebot>       ctalbert: Bug nor, --, ---,, NEW, support ALTREP on LOCATION and DESCRIPTION
<ctalbert>      And the last one, bug 293562 is another rather old one.
<firebot>       ctalbert: Bug cri, --, ---,, NEW, sunbird crashing while loading remote calendars
<ctalbert>      If anyone has a fedora core 3 or higher system, it would be useful if they could run this one and see if sunbird still crashes.
<Sebo>  I think we will have problems reproducing it
<ctalbert>      I think so too
<ctalbert>      With ssitter's note in the bottom, I'm almost inclined to say that the thing to do is to see if the reporter gets back to us.
<ctalbert>      And clear the qawanted
<ctalbert>      I think we'll wait and see if the reporter reports back on that one. ssitter only made that note about a week ago
<ctalbert>      Ok. That's the "NEW" qawanted list. Anyone want to discuss another QA Wanted bug?
<Sebo>  not me
<ctalbert>      Okay, then I'll add comments to those QA Wanted bugs that are unclear
<ctalbert>      Oh, and Sebo, I added some moderator specific stuff to the bottom of the test day wiki:
<ctalbert>      Let me know if you have any questions about that.
<ctalbert>      Unless there are other questions or other issues, I think the QA Chat is finished.
<ctalbert>      I hope to see you all on the test day on Tuesday
<Sebo>  I still need to figure this out with my family
<ctalbert>      Yes, it is a holiday.
<Sebo>  I was going to say that...
<ctalbert>      I don't have kids so I'll probably be around for most of the day.
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<Sebo>  ok, I need to go
<ctalbert>      ok I'll see you later.