Calendar:QA Chat:2007-01-11

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Meeting Details

Attendees and Log

  • Attendees: ssitter, andreas, ulf, mschroeder, damian, ctalbert, bbbrowning
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Talking Points

Feel free to add your ideas here

  • Since we have access to remote calendars will be nice to provide at least few dedicated calendars for testcase days. For example we can have zone.ics where everyone can create his own simply event (and task), add to subject his zone and date so others can subsribe it to verify if events are displayed properly in different zones/machines/OS and so on. Of course we have to publish such information so everyone can subscribe the same calendar. (subscribe to see the idea). damian
  • Another one can be created for testing national letters, eg I can create event using Polish national letters, and someone from Germany can verify if event is displayed properly. We can just create calendar and encourage people to subscirbe it (just to verify old events which do not need to be updated anymore) and to add new languages. We may have a problem - how others can properly verify letters if they don't know how they look like? Screenshot will be very helpful but we can't attach it. I tried to resolve this issue (please subscribe for details Anyway there is at least one goal: we can verify if Calendar does not crash or dispaly something what for sure is not letter :) damian
  • We can also think about calendar that improves Calendar performance, eg displaing up to 1000 events bug 198142 or multiuser for single calendar bug 273645 any others more sophisticated tests are welcome. If we are able to prepare 5-8 test cases that will test performance I guess it won't be the problem to spend 10-20 minutes before each testcase day to verify them. This is good opportunity because we can encourage more than 3-5 users who use different Calendars/OS/machine and so on, this is also quite easy because users need to observe calendar - almost passive testers :) damian