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  • 91 Testcases
  • 35 Hours
  • Without Crashing Mozilla Wiki
  •  :-)

Thanks to everyone involved. First, thanks to the awesome testcase writers, without you we wouldn't have had the event. And thanks to everyone who made it possible, our moderators: lilmatt, dmose, jminta, marcia for getting our prizes, zach for helping with Litmus, to lisaH for landing our incredible publicity.

This event exceeded my expectations for success in every category.

  • First Place with 23 testcases.......Tbodner
  • Second Place with 19 testcases......XFallenAngel

Our Top testers:

Tbodner 23
xFallenAngel 19
Celina63 14
TorusTurtle 13
LonelyBob 8
Ehwaz 4
Sishgupta 3
Darkhack 2
Excessory 2
Talisen 2
Pcpgomes 1

One of the other goals of an event like this is to bring people to the development/qa side of mozilla. Here again,this event was an amazing success. I tried to keep a log of everyone that got involved in the channel at one time or another. I may have missed a few, and if so, I'm sorry. We had more than 25 people come through. I want to thank all of these people for their interest:

  • stormx2
  • zach
  • tbodner
  • lisaH
  • rich
  • mschroeder
  • gavin
  • excessory
  • cctoide
  • lonelybob
  • darkhack
  • cockroach
  • sipaq
  • celina63
  • xfallenangel
  • gorgor_boy
  • pcpgomes
  • talisen
  • sishgupta
  • ehwaz
  • afri_
  • lenny_
  • torusturtle
  • raj

Thanks very much! I hope to see all of you (and your friends) at the Calendar Community Test Day, which is coming up on August 22. Stay tuned to the calendar Blog for more information. Also if you have feedback on the test day, please feel free to send that to us by adding comments on the Calendar Test Writing Day post of the calendar Blog.

Welcome to the Calendar Test Case Writing Day!!

Thank you for helping with our Test Case Writing Day. In order for our Calendar:TestDays to work, we need to create test cases. We appreciate your support.

When you are done, please send any feedback you have by commenting on the calendar blog ( You can also post feedback to the calendar newsgroup at

The Test Writing Day Hours EXTENDED

The test writing day will take place on Tuesday, August 8th. The official time will be from 12:30UTC until 00:00 UTC. Find what time it starts in your timezone

Due to popular demand, the Test Case Writing Day has been EXTENDED!! Feel free to add testcases until 23:00UTC August 9. | Find out what time that is in your timezone

What if I've Never Written a Test Case

Don't worry. It is very easy. Just log into the IRC channel and we'll walk you through it.

Getting into the IRC Channel

I'm in the Channel, now what?

Let the moderators (ctalbert, jminta, dmose) know if you have any questions or problems.

Due to the extended hours, these specific moderators may not be available when you log in. Do not be shy, ask around in the channel and someone can probably help you get started.

Create a Mozilla Wiki Login

  1. Click on the edit tab of any page and it will guide you to login or to create an account. Also, you can go here to sign up for a new account.
  2. Once you have created your new wiki account, you can log in using your Username and password.

Writing a TestCase

  1. Perform the steps to test in the product (either Lightning or Sunbird) in order to help you write down those steps in the test case.
  2. Go to Calendar:Test Case List
  3. Pick the subgroup of your testcase -- if you don't know where it belongs, ask in the IRC channel.
  4. Edit the section for that subgroup (you may have to log in to the wiki here)
  5. Copy the Template at the top of the section and paste it at the bottom of that section
  6. Replace the text in all caps with your text. For questions about the template see below.

How to Edit the Template

  1. Highlight "TESTCASE_SUMMARY" replace it with a one line description of your test case, such as "Create Local Calendar with apostrophe"
  2. Highlight the "FIRST_STEP" text and type in the instructions for the first step of the testcase, for example: "Launch New Calendar Dialog"
  3. Highlight the "SECOND_STEP" text and type in the instructions for the second step, for example: "Give it a name with an apostrophe: Don's Calendar"
  4. Add more numbers and steps as needed.
    1. If the lines are long and wrap, don't worry about it.
  5. Replace "FIRST_EXPECTED_RESULT" with the first thing the program should do. For example: "Calendar is created"
  6. Replace "SECOND_EXPECTED_RESULT" with the next thing the program should do. For example, "The choosen color is associated with the calendar"
  7. Add in more *'s and text as needed.
  8. Replace PRODUCT with either "Lightning" or "Sunbird" to indicate which product you are writing the test for. If you know the test will apply to both products, put "Both" there. (You can also just use a "L", "S", or "B" if you get tired of typing).
  9. If the testcase you are writing stems from an existing bugzilla bug (and you know the ID), then fill in the Regression ID. It is an optional field. Not all test cases will have bugzilla ID's.

Tips on Writing a Good TestCase

  • Pretend you're writing a bug - it's pretty much the same
  • Assume that the person following your test case only has basic familiarity with the product. For example:
    • "Bring up the New Calendar Wizard" - This is too vague.
    • "Launch the New Calendar Dialog (by either double clicking calendar list, File->New Calendar or right clicking calendar list)." - This is much better.
  • Be fairly specific with the expected results
    • "It worked" - Once again, too vague.
    • "The event was created on the proper day; The event had the proper color" - This is great.
  • Keep list of steps and expected results as simple as possible.
  • You don't need to detail every click unless it's an important part of the testcase.
    • Click on the name text box; enter a name. Click on Color drop down, pick red.-- This is a little much
    • Give the calendar a name, assign it a color. --This is much better.


  • There will be a reward for the two people who write the most test cases.
  • They will each receive a $25 gift certificate to the mozilla store. :-)
  • As always, know that we appreciate your support and you have our heart felt gratitude. What could be better than that?