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Server Based Invitation Dialog UI Specification

Specification Status
Author Frank Loehmann
Last Change Frank Loehmann 17:20, 09. October 2006 (PDT)
Status Preliminary


This specification covers the UI of the Invitation dialog needed to accept and reject event invitations delivered i.e. by a WCAP provider.

Mock-up for a new link showing up in the calendar UI

The "Invitation" link below the calendar subscription area gives the user an entry point to the Invitation dialog. Furthermore it gives feedback how many unhandled/open invitations are on the calendar server. A number in brackets at the end of the link indicates how many new invitations are present. This number will be updated every 10 Minutes. If there are no invitations "(0)" is being displayed. If there is no calendar using WCAP provider, the link is hidden completely.

Mock-up for a new invitation link in the calendar UI

"Invitation" Hyperlink

Property State
Show: Hidden if no WCAP calendar ist present.
On Click: Opens the Invitation Dialog.
EN-US: Invitations (n)
Ger: Einladungen (n)

Interaction Description:

  • The link 'Invitations (n)' appears permanent if a WCAP based calendar is subscribed.
  • (n) in the link shows the current number of 'open' invitations. Shows "0" if there is no unconfirmed inviation.

Invitation Dialog

The Invitation dialog uses the same dialog layout used by the Mozilla update or download dialogs.

Mock-up for server based invitation handling.

String Table for Invitation Dialog

Property State
Dialog Title EN-US: Invitations (n)
Dialog Title Ger: Einladungen (n)
Label 1 EN-US: Repeating Event
Label 1 DE-Ger: Wiederholender Termin
Label 2 EN-US: Location:
Label 2 DE-Ger: Ort:
Label 3 EN-US: Organizer
Label 3 DE-Ger: Organisator
Label 4 EN-US: Event Details...
Label 4 DE-Ger: Termindetails...
Label 5 EN-US: All day event
Label 5 DE-Ger: Ganzt�giges Ereignis
Label 6 EN-US: None
Label 6 DE-Ger: Kein
Note 1 EN-US: No unconfirmed invitations found.
Note 1 DE-Ger: Keine unbest�tigten Einladungen gefunden.
Note 2 EN-US: Updating list of invitations.
Note 2 DE-Ger: Aktualisieren der Einladungsliste.
Button 1 EN-US: Accept
Button 1 DE-Ger: Annehmen
Button 2 EN-US: Decline
Button 2 DE-Ger: Ablehnen

General Dialog Description

  • Unconfirmed event invitations of the past (past day) will not be displayed except if it is a repeating event with a starting date in the past.
  • Already confirmed or rejected invitation will not be displayed the next time the dialog is shown
  • All invitations entries have the same height in the GUI

Dialog Interaction Description

  • Dialog title show number of unconfirmed events
  • The dialog is resizeable.
  • The dialog shows two invitation by default.
  • Updating
    • The unconfirmed invitations are being cashed and automatically updated every 10 minutes for a faster dialog appearance.
    • Content is being updated on calling the dialog
      • Graphical endless progress indicator is shown right behind the text "Updating list of invitations.", if an update is in progress. The text and the control are shown centered in the empty listbox
      • If no unconfirmed event is present, the note "No unconfirmed invitations found." is shown in the middle of the listbox.
  • Icon (1.) shows current invitation status:
    • Unconfirmed
    • Accepted
    • Declined
  • Buttons are shown for selected listbox entry
    • "Accept" (6.) Button of selected listbox entry (2.) is shown
    • "Decline" (7.) Button of selected listbox entry (2.) is shown
  • "Repeating event" text is shown only if the event is a recurring event.
  • Location: "None" is shown if no location is given.
  • "Event Details..." link calls the read only Event dialog (not designed yet).
  • "OK" Button: Closes dialog and commits changes of the invitation status to the server.
  • "Cancel" Button: Closes dialog and dismisses all changes made in the dialog.


  • Test Case Specification: <Open Issue>