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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

Meeting Log


Christian Daniel SSA Sipaq lilmatt ctalbert mvl


  • Dan will be back working for mozilla on MONDAY!!!!
  • Nothing has been done with localizations from last week
  • Sunbird is getting nightly updates via AUS!
  • Getting auto-updates for lightning would be different because we would use the extension manager service, but we'd need to release a versio of lightning that contains a UID that has updates enabled. There are no update channels for extensions. We would have to release a new install.rdf once a day, or adding something to the tinderbox so that it updates the install.rdf once a day. Have to do that for both lightning and lightning+WCAP Must change the UID so that the users that downloaded the 0.3 don't get nightly updates.
    • Could use different update URLs to differentiate between lightning release and lightning nightly
    • Sun does something like that internally -- we could do the same patches onto the tinderboxen.

Calendar 0.5 Status

  • Performance
    • mvl and joey have been profiling various things w.r.t. performance. They have found slowness in the property bag in the storage provider. We will likely be fixing that soon
  • Workflow/user experience
    • Much discussion in NG, have not come to consensus on this yet.
    • Christian needs answers to the questions that he has proposed in the NG
      • Gets feeling that there is not the ability to change the UI, but we do need to change things and we need to start somewhere.
      • The discussion prior to implementing is not getting us closer to actually creating code and getting something done.
      • We should treat it like an iterative process and get things started and start changing the UI.
      • If we have user data that is perpendicular to what Dan is saying then we should point Dan at that and ask him "What about this". If we have the data, then it will be an easier sell.
      • Everyone agrees that the current views are in a state where they should be in 1.0, and I think that the approach of Christian is the right one, we have to answer the basic questions first and then work out the details. If we can agree on a basic direction with a few basic screens then we can work out the details of how the screens will look
      • Introduce the switch for toggling mail and calendar and move the views into tabs as a way to get started.
      • People do not always agree that the tabs would be a good thing
      • Different toolbars for calendar view and mail view would help a lot
      • Tabbed calendar views are a good thing because people want to be able to drag and drop an event from day view to the month view, and tabs would make that possible. With the buttons to change the views it doesn't work all that well. Interesting use case, has acceptance among people.
      • We do want to be able to show the mail message and the calendar at the same time, whether that is double clicking a message and showing calendar, that might be something we can do today. If the calendar view can be split off fro the mail view then that is another way of doing it, there are a number of wys to do that.
      • Multiple windows usually tend to confuse users though. Because they think that the single window of the application should be their primary interface. Instead we should have a drop target so that you can drop your message onto the calendar in some way and that would bring up the event window where the user can then finish editing their message turned event.
      • Joey has natural language parsing items that can help with that ^^^^
      • NEEDED: Decision based on what was proposed on the newsgroup - lilmatt will do this.
      • TODO: Make Dan comment on that when he comes in on Monday
      • TODO: Christian will create a new ascii art mockup with the current feedback that he has received to date.
      • TODO: Sipaq has a version of another mockup on the wiki as well. Christian will look at that.
  • Item creation
    • Edit just this vs. all occurrences
      • Did we come to consensus on that?
      • Christian has proposed a dialog at the end of the long thread using the icons and buttons for it
      • TODO: People think this design would work out. What icons would represent this? Christian will propose some icons
      • This is an interesting way to do it, because it doesn't violate the UI guidelines as much as it would to have the text buttons. The user can identify the options by the icons.
      • It saves one click.
      • There has not been a lot of vocal opposition to this proposed dialog
      • TODO: Propose that we go ahead with this dialog, given the icon suggestions, and seeing what feedback we get. Christian will create a photoshop mockup of the new dialog and we will try to move this forward.
  • Itip
    • eor is working on the processor
      • TODO: Find out how her schedule will shift w.r.t. the ending of the school semester and the holidays - Clint will do this
    • Clint will start working on the iTip Sending part of this
  • Data loss
    • BySetPos bug - clint will create the patch he outlined and we will see how it impacts performance.
  • 24 hour views
    • Thomas will be working on that, but is not here at the moment
    • TODO: We need to be certain that he has all the UI feedback that he needs before he gets started so that once he has time to get started on this he can move forward
    • TODO: Thomas should ping lilmatt so that we can figure out if something is stuck in a review queue then we can get that moving forward.

Reviews - specifically bug 357397

  • This fits the third point on the agenda because the bug has been sitting for review and has been sitting there for six weeks.
    • Give it to someone else for 1st review, because he has a lot of stuff in queue already.
    • TODO: Clint will first review and we will figure out the next set of reviews later

December 5th test day

  • Will try to get the SQL update patch landed so that we can test for regressions
  • Will also have people focus on the Sun prototype dialogs and get some feedback on that.

Communication And Publicity

  • Last week talked about communication showing all interested people about the prototype stuff that we're doing
    • Sipaq would like to do a series on the blog - feature of the week sort of thing.
    • When asked on IRC about doing this, just publishing this might just get a lot of undirected feedback, and we should focus the feedback that we are getting, and should tell people that it is not in the code right now, and that it is not fully reviewed yet.
    • Thinking about doing a blog post a week, and having developers write about the pros/cons of the new feature, and would help to educate the users about what we are working on and so that they can give informed feedback.
    • Christian can create better shots for the blog
    • Sipaq will work with Christian and they will post the blog.
  • Stephan Schaefer was asked by a radio station in germany to give an interview about Lightning
    • Was it a podcast or audio stream that could be translated for non-german speakers?
    • Recorded this week and will potentially be broadcasted next week, don't know if we can get it in digital.
    • TODO: Christian or Daniel? will send Sipaq and Nightrat details and they can post about it to the calendar and sunbird german blogs
    • If we can record the stream of it we can create an mp3 of it later.