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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • Lightning in Firefox status
  • New branch Sunbird builds from tinderboxen

Meeting Log and Attendees

Attendees: ctalbert, dmose, lilmatt, sipaq, xFallenAngel, Daniel, jminta

Meeting Log

  • Sunbird Branch builds are available
    • Only the mac is actually usable at the moment
    • Once they are working we need to focus testing on those
    • And slide development over to the branch as the shipping version
    • Should we do a versioning thing between the trunk and branch - i.e. trunk should be 1.0+...
    • Different version numbers are a good way to indicate the state of the code between the two.
  • Lightning in Firefox
    • Matt reopened it because we are not certain that it is a closed door to us.
    • It is something we can continue to look into, and could use for prototypes (see comment 19 in the bug)
    • Leave the bug as reopened and allow folks to bring it up next week if needed.
    • Concern that the Lightning in Firefox would multiply the test effort
    • Simply because it is in the tree doesn't mean we will support or work on it.
    • There are certainly risks in working with it this way, we have to be careful here because anyone can take the code and build it. But, it's a valid risk to take because it gives us flexibility.
    • It is different from the calendar extension because we have never shipped it, we turn it off in the releases, and as long as we are clear about what is and what is not supported, then that should be the right path.
    • If there is a patch to enable it and we still have one then we should probably require this man or this woman to add a readme to the relevant files stating clearly that it is unsupported and that folks use it on their own risk.

  • Provider Discussion - what to ship by default and what not
    • People have different feelings about what we should be shipping and why, it is a difficult balancing act.
    • Matt feels the best compromise is to make providers that are not shipped be extensions and be easily findable both through our UI and Add-Ons (and amora -- add-on's next version).
    • We can put them in the tree, but if they are shipped or not by default is a different discussion to have.
    • If we do create providers that are extensions then we will be able to track the download numbers to gauge the popularity of the extensions.
    • What gets shipped and what doesn't
      • There would be things that ship by default,and there would be an "other" page to lead people to ability to download the other provider options.
      • Dmose thinks that Caldav, ICS and storage should be shipped by default.
      • The decision who ships and who doesn't is a case by case decision
      • Shipping all possible providers is counter to the Mozilla philosophy as a whole.
      • Need discussion between dmose, lilmatt, jminta and mvl and come up with a proposal to address this and see what we need to do.
      • There is some concern that chopping the providers in "half" too early might complicate development. But, Daniel is not against chopping out the WCAP provider specific stuff. He underscores the need that we must have a good framework to integrate different providers
      • There is a risk in possibly snubbing contributors by not shipping their providers by default.
      • As long as things are discussed openly and honestly we should be able to mitigate that risk as much as possible.
      • We need to create a way to allow people to easily slip in other providers. We need a documented way to add them rather than simply copying the current providers
      • And there is another issue that Lightning is still lacking in terms of group calendaring abilities.
      • There is a bug to help create non-default providers (bug 348028).
      • TODO: Philipp (xFallenAngel)will start creating a wiki page to list the hooks that the provider developers will need in order to aid provider developers
      • The fact that some of the items (for group and remote scheduling) aren't in the product doesn't mean that we didn't want those features, just that we haven't needed them yet. Rather than having each and every provider re-invent these items, we need to define an interface and a common UI that everyone uses and everyone can program against that.
      • Dmose: I think that ^^^^ has been our strategy all along, and we will continue that way.
      • It's also important to find ways to disable items that are already in the product, in case a provider does not support specific items.
      • Put together a wiki page where there are places where we need hooks, file bugs related to that page, and continue from there.
      • We should look into taking some of the functionality that has already been developed for WCAP to make them more available for general providers. Rights management etc.
      • Likewise we will need to separate the "WCAP" UI's from the WCAP provider.
      • TODO: The proposal that Dan et al come up with must address this^^^^

Status Update

  • Not many check ins this week
  • Philor unforked customize toolbar, and we pushed some items into the toolkit.
  • Async print dialog went in as well, and there are other bugs that need to be addressed and Daniel and Matt need to chat about them.
  • Universal binaries work for Sunbird (Matt did that).

Next Release Items

  • Zoom scroll feature is dropped
  • Dan will take on timezone items instead
  • We want to hit these dates very nearly because the timezones we ship with 0.3 will be out of date in march. So we must ship prior to March, even if we cut a lot of items. We can discuss that in the new year if that becomes needed.
  • Everyone that has sunbird will be able to push updates when they show up (auto updates) so we won't be in this situation again.
  • Many of the Sun folks are going to be out for the holidays, so not much will be done there for the next week
  • We are going to need to do triage in the new year about what we do and do not want in the release.
  • Clint is trying to catch eor to get the iTIP items from her that she has been working on.
  • No meeting next week