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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • Version number clarifications:
    • 0.3.1pre: Maintenance release to update timezones to contain US DST changes. From SUNBIRD_0_3_BRANCH.
    • 0.4a1: Will become Sunbird/Lightning 0.5. From MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH.
    • 0.6a1: Future Sunbird/Lightning release from trunk.
  • Tinderbox clarifications:
    • Sunbird-Mozilla1.8 Lightning: 0.3.1pre
    • Sunbird-Mozilla1.8 Sunbird: 0.4a1
    • Sunbird Lightning: 0.6a1
    • Sunbird : 0.3.1pre
  • 0.3.1 Status Update
    • Visit Calendar:0.3.1_Release_Status for more details.
    • Taking as few patches as reasonably possible to speed time-to-release. Most are already marked as blocking-calendar0.3.1? now. dmose and lilmatt to triage later on Wednesday, 2007-01-24.
    • Hope to release as early in February as reasonably possible.
    • Will there be a first pass release of 0.3.1 available for the test day on the 30th? If that doesn't happen, what should we test? (ctalbert) (lilmatt: Sunbird 0.4a1 on branch)

Meeting log

  • Attendees: lilmatt, daniel, chris-j, mickey? ctalbert, mvl

Version Number

  • Releasing 0.3.1 to update timezones for US DST changs which take effect in march. So it is imperative to get that out as fast as possible.
    • We will import the new timezone definitions and upgrade old ones to the new definitions.
    • This has issues w.r.t. items that are truly scheduled in UTC, but you set it in your calendar as your local timezone, so that might get out of sync in that case. But there is nothing we can do to fix that in this timeframe. But, that should not be a common use case.
  • 0.4a1 --> Is going to be the 0.5 release and will be entirely released from the Mozilla 1.8 branch (both sunbird and lightning).
  • 0.6a1 is what the trunk is being called (post 0.5) because we had to have different version numbers on trunk versus branch.

Tinderbox Changes

  • 0.5 development will be contained in Sunbird on Mozilla 1.8 and Lightning trunk.
  • 0.3.1 development will be contained in Sunbird on trunk and Lightning on branch
  • 0.3.1 is releasing off the old 0.3 branch, and all components (both inside and outside the calendar) will be the same as those in the 0.3 release plus any 0.3.1 fixes.
  • Lightning 0.6 on the trunk will not be installable on Thunderbird 1.5 and 2.0 due to trunk symbol changes. (It will work on Thunderbird 3.0).
    • This is a symptom of Lightning using non-frozen APIs, which we need to fix.

0.3.1 status

  • dmose has found all the bugs that we need to fix in 0.3.1 and marked them as blocking 0.3.1.
  • lilmatt has been fixing the tinderboxes
  • Added db schema protection bug to the 0.3.1 list so that people that have used nightlies will not corrupt their data due to the database upgrade that has occured in the current builds.
  • Test day scheduled for January 30, and lilmatt and dmose are working to get a 0.3.1 ready for that test day.
  • Next week lilmatt will be in Mountain View and working with dmose to get 0.3.1 out the door.
  • The bugs that dmose has nominated for blocking on 0.3.1 will be triaged later today. We will also see if there are any gecko bugs that have been fixed and need to be backported into 0.3.1.

0.5 Status

  • Once dmose and lilmatt get 0.3.1 handled next week, they will start looking at cutting items from 0.5 so that it can be readied for release.
  • Need more responses to what we want to take from the prototype event dialog and incorporate into the core dialog. We'll know more once the discussion progresses.
    • A phone call next week between dmose, mvl, lilmatt and chris-j on thursday of next week to discuss the event dialog.
  • iTIP bug -- bribe Joey to review it. Clint working on iTIP updates and Reply structure while awaiting review on the giant monster of a patch.
  • Thomas's working hours patch should be moved through UI review before doing code review for that so that his time is not wasted. Might move that UI review to mvl instead of dmose since dmose is working on 0.3.1