Calendar:Status Meetings:2007-03-21

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
  • Access Code
    • 3646989
  • Conference controls
    • *6 mute line
    • *7 unmute line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

  • 0.5 Status Update
  • F2F Meeting Logistics
    • Which hotel? Who's renting a car? etc.
  • Thomas Benisch (tbe) has been assigned to another team
  • Conference phone number is changing

Meeting Attendees

  • ctalbert, christian, lilmatt, mickey, mvl, phillip, simon

Meeting Log

Face to Face

  • Logistics
    • April 20 through 24 --> SET IN STONE
    • Meeting in Hamburg office in Sun
      • Two minutes from Subway by foot :-)
    • Christian will send out a list of nearby hotels
      • Radisson is in the middle of everything, sounds like a good location
      • Hotels downtown are 100-130 Euros per night.
      • He will ask if there is a contract with a particular hotel so that we can get a discount
      • Simon will also look to see if his company has corporate rates for particular Hamburg hotels
    • Create a wiki page for the meeting schedule - Christian will do that.
    • About 20 Euros to go from airport to hotel by taxi

0.5 Status

  • Over the past week a fair bit of stuff that landed
  • We got moved onto our own mac tinderbox
    • There are some issues w.r.t. talkback
    • Got all other issues with it resolved
  • Some blockers have landed:
    • lightning preferences landed
    • caldav changes
    • colors to the lightning calendars
    • drag and drop fix
    • undo/redo stack
  • mvl and lilmatt: will check out the items on the blocking list and see what is remaining and triage those.
  • Patches that need attention
    • Alarm slider that ssitter made would be nice to have for 0.5 - currently in UI review
    • Bug 362698 - Caldav etags - this might break L10N string freeze
    • Strings that would change would be two dialogs that would appear to notify the user that the items have changed on the server
      • We might see more people trying to use CalDav once Apple releases the Lepoard server
    • Bug 374757 - Lightning Always tries to send an invitation if the attendees are entered.
      • This would add a check box to the event dialog to prevent this from constantly trying to send an invitation
    • The net of this would be about 5 strings total added (for both bugs)
    • The caldav is definitely important because it addresses a data loss issue.
    • We should also take the iTIP invitation issue as well because it definitely breaks the WCAP provider (since it doesn't need to send invitations via email).
    • The invitation problem may need to be another of the provider capabilities so that each provider can quickly determine what its default behavior should be.

Gdata Provider

  • Should new patches land? Do they need review?
  • We should develop peers for the Gdata provider for people who are comfortable with touching that code
  • In the meantime, Phillip ought to pick folks that are in the blanket developers to review the patches just to sanity check the patches
  • So, we will have a review on the Gdata code and then people can become peers on that code after they get familiar with the code via reviewing it.
  • Clint and Joey are good people to do reviews on that since they use it.

Cal Connect

  • May 7 - 11 at Boeing in Seattle
  • If anyone wants to go to that to represent us, that would be good.
  • Matt will be talking to folks including Clint and Frank Hecker of the Mo Foundation. to look into funding people to go to the interoperability and test fest up there.


  • Thomas (tbe) has been assigned to another team. (effective immediately) He will finish what he has left open, but after that, he will not be able to contribute anything further.
  • Sun will be changing the contractor for the telephone conference so the phone number will change from next week on. Mickey will post the changes to the wiki page.