Calendar:Status Meetings:2007-04-04

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Meeting Details

Telephone Info

  • Toll free numbers
    • US/Canada: 866-692-3163
    • Netherlands: 0800-020-1392
    • Germany: 0800-000-3441
  • Participant Passcode
    • 3182189
  • Conference controls
    • Press *1 private help menu
    • Press *6 mute or un-mute individual line
  • Each time you say something, please say your name first so people know who's speaking

Agenda Items

Meeting Notes

Attendees: Daniel, Mickey, Christian, lilmatt, Clint, Simon, Bruno

0.5 status

  • some blocker nominations were taken last week
  • deadlines slipped a little bit
  • current blocker situation
    • foreign timezone patch from Clint (basic patch is in storing just foreign timezones)
      • larger patch has some weird memory management issues
      • please take a look at bug 314339
      • review will move to Daniel from mvl
    • Mac OS X 10.3.9 is waiting on lilmatt setting up a Mac build environment (bug 372287)
    • Large recurrence numbers bug (bug 364148)
      • Backend fix has patch
      • We need the UI fix
    • Lightning l10n bug (bug 356269)
      • Bug is hard to reproduce and probably not on our side
    • week view changes after reload (bug 373742)
      • Patch is waiting for review
    • iTIP bug on 1.5 (bug 375509)
      • Do we want to drop TB 1.5 support?
      • Or just release note it as a known issue?
  • Release management
    • clint and daniel should take on some release management duties from lilmatt, since he has a new job
    • lilmatt will do the packaging stuff

F2F meeting

  • lilmatt and clint will be on the Radisson
  • Sun is working on network access
  • agenda is live
    • [Link]
    • please update it with your sessions during the next week
  • lilmatt will have a rental car
  • no visas needed for US citizens visiting Germany