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UI Ownership

UI decisions frequently require trade offs in favor of one usage pattern at the expense of another. We decided to have two ui-owners. The UI-owners have the responsibility to review UI-changes, and to come up with decisions which align to the overall product vision.

UI Review

UI-changes should have "ui-review+" signoff by either bwclark or chris-j. The ui-review+ sign off will generally be based off of proposals or draft specifications submitted prior to actual patches.

The "ui-review+" will serve as an indication that the proposal has high-level approval from the UI-owners

To assure that reviews run smooth and promt bwclark and chris-j advise contributers to add or reference to

* mock-ups
* prototypes
* screen shots

to their patches.

UI and Design Work

UI and design work needs to happen in the community at large; the owners are simply where the buck stops when we need to make a decision for the current upcoming release and move on to implementation. We hope to lean heavily on the advice, suggestions, and work of key people who have exhibited strong design skills in the past, such as jminta and others.

Larger changes should base on

* user research & feedback
* align to realistic use cases which match to our target users

and should conform to the overall product vision.