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Access to Resources?

Question My team is making great use of the GCal provider, thanks for getting it so far down the road!

At this point it appears there is no connection to the resources defined for our domain up on GApps, is that correct? I can't find anyone else talking about this, but I can't believe we're the only organization that finds this to be a pretty serious limitation. I understand there is the option of setting up users instead of resources and using their calendars as the resource calendars, but this is clunky and it doesn't work well when using the GCal web interface instead of Ligtening/GData Provider from within Thunderbird.

Any plans to get GCal resources hooked up?


Offline Access to Google Calendar

Question It is great to see that you are producing this plug-in and I love the functionality it already has.

I wanted to confirm what your plans were for allowing access to Google calendar appointment when Lightning is offline/the computer has not internet access.

I often need to be able to play with my calendar in this mode on my laptop and it seems that your plugin requires access to the internet currently?

Answer This is something that will be supported by lightning/sunbird natively. See bug 366923.

Events past 4pm in Google Calendar don't display in Day View

QUESTION When in Day View in Lightning (w/i Thunderbird) I cannot see any appts from Google Calendar that were made after 5pm (i.e. 4:45 and earlier displays correctly). If I switch to Week view or Month view, the appts display correctly, but switch back to Day view and they disappear inside Lightning. When I switch back to Week or Month view and move the appt up to any time from 4:45pm-earlier, then switch back to Day view, it displays correctly. If from Day view, I move that appt that I moved up to 4:45pm back to 7pm (where it originally was), it will move it correctly in Day view and display correctly until I change the view and come back to Day view and it disappears again.

Answer Fixed in v0.3

SMS alerts

Question do you plan to implement support for sms gcalendar alerts in future releases? thanks for the great add-on! Answer Yes, bug 389088.


Question Google Calendar doesn't support categories, does it? Answer No, the server doesn't support category entries. We have worked around the issue though, categories should work now.

Task support

Question I get it that Google Calendar doesn't support tasks per se, but Google does somewhat support tasks - at least in the Google Deskbar. Any chance to get to those objects? mcicogni 05:23, 24 October 2007 (PDT) Answer Unfortunately, since Google doesn't support tasks through the API, there is no easy way to support them. The tasks in google deskbar (?) are probably stored locally.

Question Google Calendar just came out with support for tasks. I'm not sure on any API details or anything, but it seems like it would be usable. Sarixe 04:47, 25 May 2009 (UTC)

Question--Different one There's an Android App that syncs with Google Tasks just fine. Anything to suggest they've found a work around that you could use for Provider? Buffal0gal 20:09, 15 Dec 2010(CTC)

Multiple Calendars and Read/Write Access

Question Is it in the pipeline to support multiple different calendars (i.e ones shared by colleagues) and the read/write privileges?

Answer This is already possible. Just add your colleagues XML link, the same as you add your own. When asked for a password, enter your own google calendar data (also username!). Make sure you have added your colleagues calendar via the Google Calendar UI prior to doing so.

Atendees/Backup Function?

Question Hi, GDATA Provider it´s an excellent tool, but why doesn´t allow send email invitation to atendees when created in a Google Calendar? Can this tool creates a new calendar in Google and upload the local events? This can be use as a Backup.


Answer You can enable the pref, but do so on your own risk. you will be sending notifications on every add/update to all attendees.

Incompatible extension

I am using the latest Sunbird nightly ("Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090809 Calendar/1.0pre") from, but I cannot enable the extension (the current version from AMO, "Provider for Google Calendar" 0.5.2): even with extensions.checkCompatibility, extensions.checkUpdateSecurity and local_install.extensions.checkCompatibility all set to false, end even after (MR-Tech Toolkit's) "Make compatible" to up the maxVersion to 1.0pre followed by closedown + startup, it installs in "disabled" mode, and I cannot enable it ("Incompatible with Sunbird 1.0pre"). AFAICT, the .xpi from AMO has maxVersion = minVersion = 0.9 (for Sunbird). --Tonymec 22:54, 10 August 2009 (UTC)

Oops, sorry. Missed the line about (or change the bottom directory for other platforms). Poblem solved. --Tonymec 23:35, 10 August 2009 (UTC)

Importing as ICS

I finally found it easier to import the (readonly) Google calendar (from the net, and no UN/PW needed) as ICS (not as "Google calendar") by right-clicking the [ICAL] button (between [XML] and [HTML]), then "Copy Link Location" and pasting that. But the instructions on the attached content page were extremely useful to get to that button. --Tonymec 00:15, 11 August 2009 (UTC)

What functionality does GDATA Provider add, exactly?

Perhaps this should be a question in the FAQ, or should be explained on the main page of the extension. As far as my experience goes, Google Calendar can be used with Thunderbird+Lightning without GDATA Provider. I have been trying to find any difference, but apart from the additional radio button in the 'setup new calendar' screen, and the ability to use the XML link instead of the CalDAV link, I see no difference whatsoever. And I don't see a functional difference between XML and CalDAV -- for example, with CalDAV changes made in TB/Lightning are written to the online Google calendar, too.

Could someone please make a little list of the functions of GDATA Provider? It would be appreciated. Jim Danner 18:16, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

Incoming TCP port required?

Why does "Provider for Google Calendar" seem to want an incoming TCP port? When I block it in the software firewall it does not update. What incoming firewall settings are required?

Attachments in event invites

Attachments in event invites cannot be viewed in Lightning. Also when creating new events, calendars using GDATA will have the Attach button grayed out.

Merging iCal and Google Calendar

My work calendar is a groupware with iCal-connection. I can not sync that via Google Calendar cause the URL is only accessable in LAN. But I would like to bring it on my Android. GDATA Provider can handle both sorts of calendars. So it would be cool, if I could sync dates from iCal to a Google Calendar or merge one calendar from two sources. If this would be a google calendar, GDATA Provider would push all dates to google and my android.

Another (manual) way: Edit a date and just change the calendar. But if I do that an save, the calendar keeps the prior calendar. . --Seebold 16:27, 27 July 2011 (UTC)